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Released: 2010
Director: John E. Depth
Notes: Depth Entertainment Family
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Running time: 134 mins.

Performing Stateside, Angel Long joins four other girls (Amber Peach, Anita Blue, Candy Heart & Vanessa Leon) on the Malibu Coast for some sun and also to impale themselves on the monster man meat that is John E Depth.

First up, Angel sprawls on a low black couch in an airy, spacious mansion. John E Depth sits in a chair stroking his crotch while Angel teases her tits through a black mesh top. Lifting her red plaid mini-skirt, she flashes her bum and crawls towards the giant cock. Easing it out of John's jeans, she wraps both hands around its girth and wanks it between her lips. Spit dribbles over Angel's chin as she feeds the mammoth length down her throat. Down on all fours, Angel takes the mighty member doggy style. Turning onto her back, her stomach bulges as over 12 inches of cheb are crammed into her pussy. John sits. Angel lowers herself onto his dick and rides reverse. Biting her lip and moaning, she moves John's cock into her arse. The two fall on their sides. Stretching open her bum, Angel again takes John anally and then jerks his jizz onto her tongue.

Director/star John E Depth is not the most charismatic or dynamic of performers. Lounging back, he lets the girls do nearly all of the work. The experienced Angel and Anita take this in their stride, leading the action to produce good, hot scenes. Some of the other girls, however, appeared in awe of John's assets and were not 100% sure of how to handle him. It's a Big Black Thing 2 is good in parts.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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