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Released: 2006
Director: Jace Rocker
Notes: Wicked Pictures
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Running time: 76 mins.

The plot for this short story based move is simple. Devon Michaels plays a late night phone-in DJ on a local radio station, who gets off listening to and telling of her experiences and fantasies.

Anna Mills is her first caller who tells how she was shagged senseless on a train by Evan Stone. Devon relates to her story as she too has just had a long hard session near a deserted farm.

Next on the line is Eric Masterson to tell of his war time exploits while stationed in Europe. Returning from a raid, he and his co-pilot Seth visit a village hall dance. Most of the girls shun the pair, but Holly Wellin is willing to do her stuff for the war effort. Taking the boys back to her home, she wastes no time stripping to her stockings and basque. Keen to get at the guys' cocks, she pulls down their pants and takes mouthfuls. Wrapping her gloved hands around the boys, she yanks the Yanks. Eric moves to slip his dick into her pussy. Holly wriggles and writhes on the cock. The boys swap places, with Holly being spit-roasted on the couch. Getting the aviators to sit down, Holly bounces on their joy sticks, then crouches between them as they eject into her mouth.

Steve St.Croix phones to tell Devon he's fucked a phantom. The ghostly Jenna Prestley appeared at a house where he was staying.

Devon is about to close her show when a band turn up at the studio wanting their demo played. In return, Devon wants something from the group...

Short and with a simple story line, Indecent Radio is an easy film to watch. It's only drawback is there's nothing special enough in either the performances or scenarios to make it stick in your mind. Indecent Radio is an undemanding movie to relax in front of...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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