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Released: 2007
Director: Sid Knox
Notes: Diabolic
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Running time: 158 mins.

Internal Injections is one of Diabolic's gonzo-themed series, shot under the direction of Sid Knox. Over six scenes we are introduced to Aurora Snow, Sophie Lynn, Jaclyn Cage, Allana Love and Jenna Haze. Girls who have one thing in common: they love cream pies.

Holly appears in the fourth scene, slowly crawling her way along a huge red sofa in a black bra and short red skirt. Turning her bum towards the camera, she slips a finger into her pussy and a second one into her arse. Two guys approach as she plays with herself, their dicks at the ready. Dribbling over the heads, Holly takes each in turn down her throat before cramming both chebs between her lips. With spit trickling over her tits, Holly slips her bra off her shoulders. Bending forward, she slides one boy into her pussy as she sucks at the second. The two swap ends and continue to spit-roast the writhing Holly. Swallowing one cock as far as the balls, Holly feels the second enter her bum. Her skirt undone, Holly rides a dick reverse up her arse and adds the second guy to her pussy. She stops to turn round. Stretched out on the sofa, Holly lies back as the boys take turns to bang her bum. Thighs stiffening and balls twitching, the two fire their loads inside Holly's gaping hole. She lets their cream dribble over her bum cheeks.

Internal Injections 2 is a well executed film with some of the hottest talent about. Jenna Haze looks young and innocent but knows what to do with man meat, while Aurora and Sophie are dying to be dicked. Holly proves again that she is a match for anything that the US girls can do in this hot, hot movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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