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Released: 2004
Director: Michael Ninn
Notes: Ninn Worx
Alternate Titles
  • Michael Ninn's Inside Myself
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

Atmospheric and highly stylised, Inside Myself is Michael Ninn's psychological sex thriller starring Anais, Nikita Denise and Elizabeth Lawrence. Alone at night in her loft conversion, Anais receives a mystery phone call. The distorted voice at the other end knows everything about her, her way of life, her friends, her fantasies and her nightmares. The voice offers to help - he'll be her mentor and guardian angel - but ends as her tormentor in the roller coaster ride which goes from dreams of sexual heaven, to the PVC clad depths of hell.

Silhouetted against a brillant white light, Elizabeth appears to float towards the camera, her long black PVC dress billowing around her. Stopping in the middle of a deserted factory, she moistens her fingers and tweaks her nipples till they become erect. Crouching, Elizabeth lifts her dress and rives at her pussy. Anais, in her black rubber body suit, watches from the shadows. A masked guy is led in. Elizabeth sucks at his dick and sits him in a steel chair. Released from his leathers, he feeds on her wet pussy. She gently moans. Her dress removed, Elizabeth stands with one leg up on the chair, the guy hammering in from behind. The pair move. She eases the cock into her arse as she sits on his lap. Anais emerges from the gloom to caress and tongue at the two. The girls kneel before the guy with Anais jerking his jizz over Elizabeth's face and then licking it off.

By the end of the film, Anais is unsure if the visions, experiences, or even the phone calls, are real or just inside her head.

Packed with visual effects and jump cut editing, the start of the scenes are difficult to follow, with their montages of images and flashing lights. However, once we're into the body of the scenes this is 'pure' Michael Ninn: dark, brooding, industrial type settings penetrated by piercing lights, illuminating hard hot sex. Slim, blonde Anais proves her versatility, changing from the pink clad baby doll look at the start of the film to the rubber clad vampiress. Elizabeth, as the PVC clad temptress, dominated the screen during her scene and the supporting cast of Mia Smiles and Nikita Denise both put in good performances. Inside Myself is a great, sexy thriller to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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