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Released: 2007
Director: Michael Ryan
Notes: NetDevil, 105 mins
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DVD  14.99 EUR Orgazmik: Inside Chantelle Stevens NetDevil 3
Video on Demand (Download)  7.99 EUR Orgazmik: Inside Chantelle Stevens NetDevil 3
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Notes and Reviews

Good pic-quality, but fatally marred by the use of just the one fixed camera, which means that you can only see the action from a distance of about eight feet. Her partner here, a scruffy-bearded, painfully scrawny geezer with the dress-sense of Charles Manson (the Michael Ryan mentioned as the producer/camera?), didn't add to what limited allure there was ... but then I didn't have to shag him!

  • Opener: Exteriors, Chantelle chats to camera;
  • Brief fingerfuck/squirt;
  • Fuck - might have been an anal in there but who could tell?
  • Fuck - Chantelle wears a nice pair of lipstick-red fetish heels. Pathetic attempt to use zoom in very brief flashes almost gave me epilepsy;
  • Chantelle waves some dildos about suggestively. Jump-cut to tit-job, with... wait for it... A CAMERAMAN!! Peters out to nothing;
  • Back to the white leather sofa for more shagging. Camera is still on the coffee-table, but only about five feet away, a slight improvment. However, this time you can't see anything of the penetration. Jump-cut to:
  • Bedroom, fella on top. He quickly dismounts and we get hand-held footage of Chantelle flashing her bits. Slightly better, but too brief, natural light so there are shadows everywhere, and no close-ups;
  • Out and about again, mostly on public transport. Flashing, BJ.

Runtime 107 min. 7 min. of behind the scenes - better as a hand-held is used. 2 galleries with a few fairly OK pics.

Strictly for diehard fans; an object-lesson in spoiling the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar. I paid 6 Euros for mine, so I don't feel too ripped off.

Review by jj

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