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Released: 2007
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 18: I Only Love Slap and Tickle
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 85 mins.

Ionie and the crew have alighted in Guildford, as she reminds us of the town where The Omen was shot, hoping for some devilish behaviour from the girls. Aaliyah, Lexi (as Izy), Aphrodite and KazB are all up for a bit of slap and tickle and all want sex while wearing their Marigold gloves!!!

Lying in front of the fireplace, Aaliyah rubs at her pussy with her rubber gloves, a long bushy tail is jammed in her arse. Den or Ken (Ionie can't remember) enters the room and she makes a grab for his big black cock, squeezing it with her washing up gloves. Running her tongue over the tip, Aaliyah slips the dick into her mouth. Den reaches down between her legs to stroke at her clit. A second guy arrives and Aaliyah wanks at his dick, her head yo-yoing between the boys' chebs as they tug at her tits. Easing a cock into her cunt, she sucks on the second. The trio move and Aaliyah gets fucked from behind as she holds onto the mantelpiece, while a feather duster is flicked over her tits and fanny. With the second guy on his back, she polishes his balls as she rides him, then slaps her face with the wet man meat. Back in front of the fire, the boys fill Aaliyah's fanny then cover her tits in cream.

Balding Graham has been dragged in from the streets. The sight that greets him is Izy (Lexi) on her back with a toy between her legs. Leaning over, he laps at her moist minge. Stripped, he enters her pussy. The pair roll over, Izy being taken on all fours. Turning back, she lands on his cock cowgirl. Graham slaps her bum while Ionie dusts the duo. A quick shag standing by the fire and it's back for more doggy action, Graham asks Ionie if he can cum on Izy's tits as he can't hold on much longer. She agrees.

Aphrodite appears to have borrowed Aaliyah's apron, gloves and butt plug, as she lies on the bed. When the boys arrive she's also stolen her guys, but it doesn't stop her tasting their cocks. Leaning forward with her boobs hanging out, she laps at Den's dick. With his balls in her rubber gloved hands, his cock slips down her throat. Aphrodite teases the guy with her tits then rubs the wet dick over her clit before pushing it into her pussy. Den bites at her beautiful big boobs then shags her spoons. A few strokes and he cums over her stomach. It's not enough for Aphrodite and she fingers her arse while she waits for more cock. The second guy gets straight to work, fucking her doggy, but he also quickly fires his load. Den recovers enough to let Aphrodite ride him reverse. She climaxes as she bounces on his cock.

James is stopped on the street while driving his car. He can't refuse Ionie's offer to fuck a porn star. KazB plays with a toy in her pussy as James enters. She stops to kiss him. Taking off one of her rubber gloves, she unzips his pants and starts to suck on his not too promising prick. Her head slowly bobs as her lips make him rise for the occasion. Shuffling round, James caresses KazB's thighs. He fingers her pussy, parting its petals to slip in his tongue. KazB give a few more sucks before dropping onto all fours to be filled, Ionie is not impressed with James and sends him to the corner to wank. Aaliyah is brought in to show how it should be done. The girls bite at each other's boobs, then, covered in lube, KazB works her rubber clad fingers into Aaliyah's pussy. James joins in to fuck the girls, but Aaliyah dismisses him as she buckles up her strap-on. KazB bends forward and her body rocks as Aaliyah thrusts in hard. She turns to taste her juices from the plastic and suck on James at the same time. Wanting spunk on her face, James jerks off over her. KazB then settles on her side to be shagged by the strap-on. Ready to orgasm, KazB climbs onto Aaliyah's plastic prick for a few deep strokes.

At only 85 minutes this is one of the shortest films in the Ionie Love series and with two of the scenes so similar, you start to wonder if the ideas are running out. As for the performances, Aaliyah is the star of the show, with the other girls playing good supporting roles (even if Lexi's is very short). The biggest disappointment is the guys who fail to stay for the length of the scene. Watchable, though Marigold gloves aren't the sexiest of thing to wear in a film!

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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