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Released: 2006
Director: Chris Streams
Notes: Zero Tolerance
Alternate Titles
  • Internal Cumbustion 10
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 138 mins.

When an American studio comes up with a successful formula it tends to be repeated and repeated until it's done to death. This is not the case with the Internal Cumbustion series where the latest release, number 10, is as fresh as the first, helped by the fact Zero Tolerance manage to get some of the best talent around in their films. Along side the dirty Welsh minx Isabel Ice, the film features five fine American girls including Jenna Haze and Evelyne Foxy.

Waggling her bum at the camera as she stands in the brilliant sunshine, Isabel is the fifth girl up. She lifts her short white skirt and the camera focuses on her arse hole. Isabel turns to flash her luxuriant hairy pussy before heading indoors. Spotting Mr Pete, cock ready, at the other end of the room, Isabel crawls over on her hands and knees then sinks his prick between her lips. Her face is slapped with the wet dick and she opens her mouth wide to have her tonsils fucked. The two climb onto a bed-type sofa and, with her knickers pulled tight into her snatch, Mr Pete wheedles his way into her pussy. The pair fall onto their sides. Isabel licks her lips as Mr Pete rams his cock into her arse. The banging bounces her boobs out of her white bra. After tasting herself, Isabel mounts Mr Pete for some anal riding. Thrusting and grinding she spins round half way through. Her bum gaping and four fingers in her pussy, Isabel wants to be stuffed doggy. Then, with her rolled onto her back, Mr Pete's body stiffens as he squirts his load into her hole. Isabel crouches, cream dripping from her arse. She scoops it up and licks.

Internal Cumbustion 10 has six great girls giving six great performances. In her scene, Isabel managing to mix sexiness with hard naughty filth. She and Jenna Haze are the true stars of the film. If you haven't seen any of the series, Internal Cumbustion 10 is a good place to start.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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