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Released: 2007
Director: Robert F. Lee
Notes: 5th Element
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Running time: 124 mins.

Aimed at the oral addict, I'm a Bucket of Cum is five scenes of end-to-end blow jobs featuring 5 American girls (Samantha Rose, Charlie Lexington, Amber Raine, Britney Stevens and Whitney Stevens) and Britain's own Carmel Moore.

Third scene in, Carmel leans forward on a purple covered sofa, in her spotty pink lingerie, telling the cameraman how dirty she can be. Four guys approach, their cocks at the ready. Flicking back her streaked blonde hair, Carmel guides the first cock between her lips. Slipping her boobs out of her bra, she kneels. Dicks surround her face. She takes each in turn in her mouth. Climbing back onto the sofa, Carmel traps the cock in her cleavage. Then, with her head hanging off the cushion, she gets her throat fucked. Her panties off, Carmel is turned upside down. Dangling from Kyle Stone's neck, she swallows his prick. Back on firm ground, Carmel continues to have her tonsils probed. Mouth open, she takes four loads of cream between her lips. Fondling her tits, Carmel swallows.

With almost the same four guys appearing throughout and little variation in action or positions, each of the scenes is much of a muchness and very repetitive. Only the last scene with sisters Britney and Whitney has anything different to offer. I have to admit, by the time Carmel Moore's scene started I was starting to get bored. With an unappetising title, the film may appeal to oral fanatics but the general viewer could find it tedious.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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