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Released: 2006
Director: John Strong
Notes: Platinum X
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Running time: 175 mins.

Those who buy this film expecting to see a bubbly blonde Holly Wellin will be in for a surprise. She's still bubbly but now a brunette. Holly is the only non-American in this five-scener, the other girls being Sasha Knox, Flower Tucci, Allison Pierce and Barbie Cummings. All are up for having their holes filled with cream.

Starting things rolling, Holly crawls across a glass-topped table with her white nylon top with red heart pattern clinging to her body. Slipping out her tits, Holly reaches her hand down to her matching panties and she pulls them tight into her snatch and rubs. A cock appears which goes straight into Holly's mouth. Pressing her tits against the table, she dribbles on the shaft and saliva drips off the bloke's balls as she swallows. Jumping off the table, Holly bends over to be taken from behind. Her red high heel sandals dangle as she spreads out face down. She spies another cock and heads for it, slapping her face with the tip before plunging it down her throat. She turns and the spit-covered shaft is shoved in her arse as the first guy re-enters her mouth. Riding reverse with a cock up her bum, Holly throws herself back and invites a second dick into her pussy. She moans as the boys bang in unison. Adding her fingers to her fanny makes the cries louder and the guys try to stifle her groans. On hands and knees the two take turns to plug Holly's gaping holes. She climbs back onto the sofa - she wants their cum. The first guy fires deep into her pussy then Holly squats to squeeze the jizz into a bowl. The second load is taken up the bum and, stretching her cheeks, she forces out the cream. Picking up the bowl, Holly tips it into her mouth and swallows. Her tongue runs round the rim to remove every last drop.

Each of the 35-minute-plus scenes follows the same basic format and, though nicely done, by the end of the third things start to get a little repetitive. This is very much a film to delve into and watch a couple of scenes at a time (starting with Holly), trying to see all three-hours-worth in one sitting may be a little too much. Still, it's worth buying.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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