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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 15: I Only Love Slippery Sluts
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 97 mins.

Guildford may not spring to mind as a hot bed for porno wannabes, but its station car park is where Ionie and the team are on the prowl to recruit 'Slippery Sluts' for the 15th in the series of I Only Love.

The first girl Ionie entices is Vanessa. She doesn't speak much English, but smiles when the word 'fuck' is mentioned. In Ionie's flat, Vanessa sits in the middle of the bed, her tits hanging out of her coral pink camisole. She strips and pops an orange toy in her pussy. Ionie ushers in a guy and, as his pants fall, Vanessa takes his cock in her mouth and starts to wank. He reaches out for her boobs. Having covered Vanessa's body in lube, the guy runs his dick between her cleavage and down to her pussy. Vanessa giggles as it slides into her slippery hole. The guy loses wood and Vanessa uses her lips to stiffen him up ready to ride cowgirl then reverse. With Vanessa on all fours, Ionie asks for long slow strokes as the two fuck doggy. It's almost too much for the fellow and, quickly rolling onto her back, Vanessa is sprayed with spunk.

Blonde Shona is stopped as she drives out of the car park. She doesn't take much persuading by Ionie to appear in a girl/girl scene. In the middle of a room covered in plastic sheets, Frankie sits on a chair. She squeezes strawberry sauce over her breasts and lets it run down to her pussy. A vibrator is slipped in. Standing, more red goo is dribbled over her arse. She continues to play. A naked Shona joins her and Ionie squirts more sauce over the girls, this time blue. They kiss as their sticky tits rub together. Bending forward, Shona trickles sauce down Frankie's back. Ionie helps massaging the mess. On all fours, Frankie is taken by a toy. The two bang their bums then grind their pussies together. The floor like an ice rink and the girls slide back and forth on their stomachs. Clambering onto the chair, Shona has her pussy prodded. Grabbing onto Ionie, Frankie pulls on a strap-on and gets Shona to ride her plastic prick. Managing to work a dildo past the straps, Frankie brings herself to climax.

Samantha Bond is next up on the plastic sheeting. Trickling blue goo over her tits and pussy, she pushes a big pink dildo between her swollen lips and her thighs twitch as she works it. Cleaned up, Samantha is on the bed in her sexy lingerie and fishnets, a guy's cock already in her mouth when Ionie arrives. She has brought a second bloke. Samantha doesn't mind taking on two at once. Quickly stripped, Samantha fills her face with the new cock while guy number one forces his face into her fanny and licks. A few drops of oil and the boys caress her slippery body, their fingers making for her moist pussy as she sucks at their dicks. Clasping a cock firmly between her lips Samantha is shagged spoons. Then she pushes herself onto hands and knees to be taken doggy, her big boobs swinging. She tries each guy missionary then reverse cowgirl, hammering down onto their balls. The first guys cums over Samantha's tits and the second on her pussy.

With her hair in a plait, Franky Knight has her body covered in blue goo. Ionie rubs it in as she plays a pink vibrator over her body. After swallowing the sticky toy, Franky eases it into her pussy and the plastic sheets rustle as the vibrator goes in. Clean and in the bedroom, Franky finds a guy with his cock ready for action. She grabs his balls and her head bobs on his shaft. With lube on her body, Franky gives a slippery tit fuck. She mounts the guy reverse and he thrusts up past her pierced pussy lips. Then the two fall into spoons and continue. Franky brings herself off with a vibrator as the guy jerks off over her body. She licks the toy clean.

Whilst the film is full of good ideas fairly well executed, the production is marred by poor lighting creating dull and flat colours, along with crew walking across the shots. Of the girls, Samantha and Frankie were sticky and hot and Shona, in her debut film, is very promising. The only slight let down was Franky Knight whose scene appeared to be cut short, but this is the consequence of working with amateur studs. A watchable film, but not one of Ionie's best.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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