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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 13: I Only Love Fucking Berlin
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 97 mins.

Ionie has left these shores with Natalia in tow to go to the Venus Festival in Berlin. Her idea is to shoot some hard hot action in front of the masses. After lots of pixelated footage of the pair wandering around the exhibitions they head off to the chrome and black-leather Private area high above the hall.

Natalia sits in her black and pink dress, legs open, flashing her knickers. Dougie has also made it from Britain. He unzips his pants and pops his prick in her mouth. As Natalia licks Dougie's balls, Ionie has a quick wank at his manhood. The two 69, Natalia's knickers off and boobs bouncing. The crowds watch on the big screens below as Dougie slips his cock in her pussy missionary. She has started to ride cowgirl when the organisers put a stop to the action. Grudgingly, the three head back to the hotel to finish what they had started. Changed into a black nylon one-piece with leather straps up the front, Nataila finger fucks herself as Dougie laps at her pussy. Next her cheeks are pushed out by Dougie's dick. She sucks his balls into her mouth, then deep throats him. Teasing her clit, Dougie thrusts in spoons. The two roll over, Natalia ending on all fours, her body jiggling on his cock. As the couple hammer away missionary, the single beds begin to part and Natalia's bum slowly sinks down the crack. Dougie jets his cum over her face and Natalia lets it dribble out of her mouth.

Back in the hall, this time Ionie hopes that some girl-on-girl won't raise too many eyebrows. Diana Gold joins Natalia on the leather sofa. The two quickly come to terms with each other's boobs. Natalia slides a couple of fingers into her fanny as she munches at Diana's minge. The girls then manoeuvre for some 69 work. People stare up at the set as Natalia pulls on a strap-on for Diana to gag on. She mounts it reverse and grinds her pussy on the plastic. Moving to the balcony, Diana bends over as she is banged from behind. The crowds love it as she sucks her juice from the dong. The girls wave.

Back on the streets of London for the next couple of scenes and Ionie is on the hunt for fresh talent. In the studio, Sabrina waits in her silk blue and black corset with matching knickers and fishnet tights. She shows her bum to the camera. Licking her fingers, Sabrina eases them into her arse. She is playing with her hole when Bob appears. Wasting no time he rips open her fishnets and laps at both holes. His tonge and fingers dart back and forward. Her knickers off, he feasts on her fanny. Sabrina kneels on the bed to swallow his cock. She gags as it passes her tonsils. The spit covered dick is pushed into her pussy but Sabrina wants to take control. With Bob on his back, she climbs on top. Ionie guides his cock into her cunt. The two roll over and end in the missionary position, Bob jerking off over Sabrina's body. She smears his spunk over her tits.

Angel Long kneels on the bed in her short pink dress and white knickers which are pulled to one side so she can caress her cunt. Taking a red vibrator in both hands, she orders Ionie to spit on her fanny as she wanks. Removing her knickers, Angel is introduced to Terry. She is struck by the size of his cock and fingers herself as his tongue probes her arse. Her hand reaches back to his cheb. Lying across the bed, Terry jabs his manhood into Angel's pussy. The two turn to shag spoons. Ionie has another surprise for Angel as Brooke enters. Terry takes a rest as the girls lap at each other's fannies. Unable to restrain himself, Terry joins in, licking Brooke's clit. Face down on the bed, Angel jams the red toy into Brooke as Terry fills her from behind. Brooke paws at Angel's pussy as she sucks at Terry's cock. Her mouth is filled with cream and she pulls it out in long strings to dribble over her tits.

As with other Ionie films there is quite a bit of fill between the scenes as she wanders around. Normally this is acceptable but in the Berlin section of the film the blocking out of faces and product names on the stands made this a bit of a waste of time. Natalia's performances, though good, were also marred by the extensive use of pixelation for the surrounding crowd. The redeeming side of the film were the performances of Sabrina and Angel with two "unknowns" who looked as if they knew how to handle themselves and the girls. Worth watching for the last two scenes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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