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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 10: I Only Love Naughty Girls
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 103 mins.

I Only Love Naughty Girls is Ionie Luvcoxxx's 10th film in her series for Private and, by now, the format is well established. Out and about in a wet Docklands, Ionie stops several guys and girls to see if they want to appear in her latest film. Most say no.

Caught as she is leaving the tube station, Lala would love to make a film; so Ionie and the crew rush her back to a rather noisy studio. Sitting in her pink camisole and matching knickers, Lala rubs her tits with a large orange toy as she talks and, removing her panties, pushes it into her smoothly shaven pussy. Two guys appear and sit at either side of Lala. They lick her boobs and their hands wander between her legs. Lala grabs their cocks and starts to wank them, popping each in her mouth in turn. Tony la Bone sinks between her legs and laps at her clit as she fills her mouth with the second dick. Tony climbs back onto the cream sofa. Lala slides her cunt down his shaft and starts to shag. After having his cock sucked the second guy leaves. Lala bends forward, Ionie offering words of encouragement as she is shagged doggy. The pair roll over into the spoon position. The scene ends with Lala riding Tony reverse. He just manages to pull out before he cums.

The next girl in the studio is Karla. She pulls her tits out of her short black dress and, as she tells of being fucked up the arse, her fingers play with her pussy. Karla rams a red vibrator into her pussy. Down on all fours she flashes her bum as she jams the toy deep into her love box. The guy arrives. Karla pushes him back onto a chair and starts to devour his dick before chewing on his balls. Kneeling, Karla wants her pussy eaten. The guy starts licking and jabbing his thumb in her wet hole. Grabbing her feet, Karla pulls her legs right back so her pussy can be pounded. She wants his dick up her bum and mounts him for a vigorous bouncing session. Her tanned body ripples as she is fucked doggy style, leaving her arse gaping. Karla jams in a dildo as he cums over her bum.

The start of Amber's scene is marred by the clicks and squeals of a mobile about to ring, most of her chat to Ionie being missed. Using a large toy between her legs, Amber gets herself horny and wet ready for the guy. Stefan Hard lies beside her on the bed. She bends and takes his prick gagging down her throat, spit dribbling. Her knickers off, she rides the guy reverse. Her nipples pop out of her leopard print top and Ionie lifts them out further. The two fall onto their side, Stefan's thighs slapping Amber's bum as she is shagged spoons. A little doggy and Amber finishes with a blow job, Stefan showering his spunk into her mouth. It runs out over her cheek.

Blonde Amanda is the last girl on Ionie's bed. She quickly removes her white bra and starts to squeeze and juggle her boobs. Taking the obligatory vibrator she gives it a tit wank before shoving it into her well lubed pussy. Ionie feels her breasts as Amanda tells her she wants a big black cock. Tony la Bone fits the bill perfectly and starts work munching on her minge. Rolling him onto his back, Amanda smiles as she sees the size of his member. Grabbing it, she fills her mouth and starts to suck. She looks round and a silver haired guy joins in. Her head bobs from cock to cock. Amanda gently rocks herself back on Tony's cock as she licks and laps at the second. The boys change places and move through various positions ending with Amanda being bonked missionary. The older guy fires his load first in her mouth. Tony has a little more stamina, humping away for a few more minutes, then spurting over Amanda's tits.

Ionie is producing a very good series of films with some nice new girls. There are, however, still some niggles. I'm sure the noise from the mobile could have been edited out in Amber's scene. There are flashes from the stills guy and whilst Ionie appearing 'in shot' is part of the film the other cameramen aren't. These are all minor irritations and the type of thing you wouldn't normally expect in a Private production. Don't get me wrong, this is still a good film and well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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