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Released: 2006
Director: Ionie Luvcoxxx
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Ionie Luvcoxxx 7: I Only Love to Strip Tease
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

Asda car park in Dunstable may not seem the obvious choice as a location for a movie, but that's where Ionie and her team set up camp trying to entice the locals into shagging a stripper ... Not that the action took place in the car park, but in a nearby club.

Amber, in a tailed silk blouse and matching knickers, is first on stage. She may be able to bonk blokes' brains out, but she's no pole dancer. Having finished her set, it's off to a corner for a private strip with a guy who already has his cock out. Amber rubs her tight panties over his prick as she undoes her top. Bending forward, her tongue flits over the head of the cock before she wraps her lips around his shaft. Lying back, Amber opens her pussy and the guy goes down to suck. Sitting him down, she rides him reverse, pulling at her tits as she glides up and down. Ionie is very much in evidence as the pair fuck. The two climb onto a low table, Amber on her hands and knees to be taken from behind. The session ends on a squeaky seat, Amber's body jolting as she is hammered missionary then doggy. The guy covers her bum in cream.

Blonde Chloe B is next on stage to show how pole dancing should be done. Slowly gyrating, she locks her legs around the pole, spinning as she strips. The guys applaud when she finishes. Clothed, she heads off with a guy for a one-on-one session. He soon has his tongue waggling over her pussy lips as she fondles her boobs. Arching her back, Chloe takes his fingers as well. With the guy stripped, she swaps one pole for another as she wanks him into her mouth. Positioning herself over his prick, Chloe sinks down the shaft, her hand caressing his balls and her tits wobbling as she bounces. Changing positions, Chloe is entered from behind, the guy's thighs slapping hard against her bum. Rolling onto her back with her legs spread, she continues to have her pussy probed, the guy pulling out in time to cover her cunt in cream.

In her black and white lacy maid's outfit and fishnet stockings, Janie (Sabrina Lavelle) is the third girl in the film. Ionie strokes her body as she strips. In a side room two men wait, cocks in hand, for Janie to appear. She stands between them, allowing her nipples to be chewed as she wanks on their cocks. The boys slide their fingers into her fanny. Janie goes down on the first guy, her throat squelching as she swallows cock. Turning, guy two gets the same treatment before she takes his spit-smeared balls in her mouth. The two take turn fucking and being sucked as Janie is spit roasted. With cries and shouts the three pound away. Then they move to a chair, Janie showing her arse to the camera as she rides the dicks cowgirl. Both boys taste her fanny fluid and finish her off, one filling her pussy and the other spraying her tits. Janie squeezes every last drop out of the pair's balls.

The final girl is Lorna who strips out of her nurse's uniform while Ionie jives away at the side of the stage in a style which resembles an old aunt at a wedding disco. Nurse Lorna leaves to seek out her patient and finds Dougie, whose cock is in need of serious attention. Stripped, she revives Dougie by sticking his fingers in her wet pussy. Then she turns her medical skills to his cock. A quick suck gets his member stiff and the two 69. With the ever-present Ionie egging the couple on, Dougie perches on the edge of a seat and Lorna lowers herself onto his dick and rides him vigorously. Moving to the table, the two grind away, Lorna pulling at her pussy as they fuck. The duo lie side by side, Ionie guiding Dougie's man meat into Lorna's wet hole. Lorna opens her mouth and Dougie squirts his spunk over her face. She lets it drip off.

By now we have got used to Ionie's hands-on style of filming, with her appearing on the screen, camera in hand and scantily clad, almost as much as the stars. As for the girls, they all gave good honest performances in a fairly well produced film. I Only Love to Striptease is definitely one of the better films released so far in the series ... let's hope the team maintain the standard in their film-a-fortnight pace.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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