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Released: 2006
Director: Jamie & Paul Arbiter
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Inexcess Films
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Running time: 183 mins.

Shot in early 2004 in London and central Europe, I'm So Naughty 2 features five British girls plus three Europeans and has just been released on DVD. With six scenes and a running time in excess of three hours is it great value for money?

The film starts with some giddy black and white camera work of Laura (Leyli) and Karl talking about the scene they are about to shoot. As the film gains colour, Karl slides down Laura's body and starts to lap at her white lacey knickers. She lies chewing on gum as her pussy is eaten. Karl's handy work has made Laura's clit swell and her pussy start to juice. He uses a pair of knickers to absorb the moisture and Laura stuffs them in her mouth. Grabbing Karl's cock she wraps a pair of panties round it and gives him a blow job, her saliva turning the knickers transparent. Karl goes for a bit of cross dressing, pulling on Laura's panties and shoes. He totters on his heels as he thrusts his man meat into her wet hole. After riding Karl reverse, Laura seems less than enthusiastic to be taken doggy, burying her head in the corner of the sofa. Pulling a pair of knickers over her head, Karl gives Laura a facial.

Karina Clarke (as Corinna) appears next with Vicky Powell who introduces herself as Sarah!! In black dresses, the girls approach each other from either end of the settee and start to kiss. Karina eases Vicky's boobs out and sucks on her erect nipples. Her hand wanders down to her sheer black panties. Vicky lowers Karina's top and her tongue dances over her pert tits. Looking down, Karina notices a damp patch in Vicky's silk knickers and slips her finger in to investigate before dropping her own pants to have her smoothly-shaved pussy licked. The two finger fuck each other's pussies and arses, breathing in the heavy scent. Standing astride Vicky, Karina masturbates with a pink vibrator, her pussy lips occasionally being caught by her tongue. Vicky stuffs her wet love hole with fingers and works frantically till she comes.

The fourth scene is shot on the same sofa as scene 2. Jackie, in a spangly gold top and black leather skirt, sits beside Jo May in a white blouse and black miniskirt. Jo pulls down Jackie's top and her tongue waggles its way over her tits. Her attention moves to Jackie's gold panties and she moans as Jo rubs then slips a finger into her wet fanny. Turning over and with her knickers gone, Jo locks herself on to Jackie's pussy, sucking her swollen lips into her mouth and using her fingers to scoop up the juices. The girls move and Jo removes her panties to reveal a neatly trimmed tuft. Jackie slowly strokes the base, making Jo's clit stand up. Balanced on the arm of the sofa, Jo climbs between Jackie's legs and laps away as if her life depended on it. The girls move to 69, using fingers and tongues on each other. The scene ends with a long toying session, the girls grinding each other and themselves till they climax.

Whilst I know this is a gonzo film there are still far too many shots of cameras, arms and legs which have nothing to do with the action. There is also the annoying habit of walking in front of the lights causing big shadows on the set. The film could also do with a little trimming in the editors suite - too many headless torsos humping for endless minutes ... a first, wanting a shorter film!! Oh yes and the sound is out of synch as well. Apart from that the performances by most were professional. Laura could have put a little more effort and enthusiasm into her work. Generally a poor production.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf' view (March 2006):

Although a new release in 2006, this material from the Arbiter brothers dates back to 2004 and has the feel of a compilation album rather than a new release of related scenes.

In the first scene, Leyli jokes with Karl Kincaid and the crew while the couple sit on the familiar (from previous scenes) blue sofa in the Arbiter's front room. Karl pushes up Leyli's pink summer dress and licks her partly trimmed pussy through her white panties. Karl produces a second pair of pants and pushes these into Leyli's pussy before stripping and getting his cock sucked. This time the pants are wrapped around his cock. Karl then puts the panties on, remove's Leyli's and fucks her missionary. Removing Leyli's dress the pair then fuck in cowgirl and doggy before Karl puts the pink pantie across Leyli's mouth and cums over her face.

Karina and Vicky introduce themselves to camera sitting on a brown leather chesterfield. Karina has persuaded Vicky to attend after showing her a video. Both girls wear short black dresses and the gg action soon begins at a slow and deliberate pace. It's all kissing, licking and fingering until the pair are fully naked and a regular sized pink dildo is used to finish them off.

The third scene finds Karl in an Easterm European apartment (Prague? Budapest?) with the first of three local lasses, who is Camelia but uncredited. An attractive brunette with a good figure, Karl strips her without a word spoken and gives her a very athletic fucking on an armchair. Ends with a good facial.

Back on the chesterfield, Dawn Slater and Jo May play porn first timers in another girl only scene. Once again the girls undress slowly while kissing and fingering each other in an erotic way before finishing with a couple of modest-sized dildos.

The final two scenes are filmed with local girls in the Eastern European apartment. In the first Karl fucks Susanna, a tall brunette with an unshaved pussy and sensational nipples. The action is fast and furious on the bed with an attractive girl who does seem to be relatively new to the business.

In the final scene Karl fucks the far more professional Crystal, a shorter blonde with decent-szed boobs, back on the armchairs. Nice pro action over two armchairs finishes with decent facial.

No complaints as to the action here, as Karl provides the pro cock action for four attractive women and the girl girl scenes are well performed too. The European scenes, with locals who don't speak English, sit uncomfortably with the chatty English girls and there's a lot of girl-girl for some hardcore purists. Still, it is over 3 hours long and filmed to the Arbiter's usual high standards with plenty to enjoy.

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