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Released: 2005
Notes: Insomnia / New Machine
Alternate Titles
  • Socks & Cocks Vol 1 on-screen title
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

Immoral Teens is a bit of a puzzler. Produced in 2004 but not released until 2006, the title bears no resemblance to the girls in the film. 'Immoral' they may be, but Ashley Long, Aria and Bridgette Kerkove are no 'Teens' ... Pictures in the scene menu don't quite match the actual scenes and the title displayed by the DVD player "Socks & Cocks Vol 1" doesn't match anything on the cover. The film therefore has the hallmarks of a compilation, but the settings and filming style give the impression the scenes belong together.

Stretched over a tan sofa in her silver-and-black patterned basque, Ashley Long sucks on a cock as the fourth scene starts. As her tits are caressed she invites a second guy to lap at her pussy. His tongue dances over her clit and his finger prods her arse hole. Twisting her self round, a dick disappears down Ashley's throat, the second slides into her pussy. She arches her body. Stripped down to her black stockings, the boys continue to bury their chebs. Ashley moves to ride the guys. A cock lodged in her bum, she fingers her fanny then gets it filled with man meat. Rolling her over, the boys take turns to fuck Ashley missionary. The first guy fires his load clean over Ashley's head. She doesn't allow the same mistake again, opening her mouth wide to catch the second.

With all the scenes shot indoors in natural or low light, the film has a slightly yellowish tinge and at times is dark. As for the performances, they are adequate, the girls doing enough to entertain, but little more. Immoral Teens is a mediocre film in a crowded market.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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