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Released: 2005
Director: Ivan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Ivan introduces the film as his and Scott's trip to the Philippines, but cuts immediately to Scott leading Karen upstairs for sex. They pause on the landing to strip to their underwear, then into the bedroom for sex on the bed. Now I've seen Scott stay limp with fabulously sexy women naked in front of him, but here, fortysomething granny Karen produces a stiffie that is soon inside her pussy for five minutes of missionary pounding and a reasonable cum shot over her bald pussy. During the action the camera strays to Karen's male chaperone standing in the doorway.

While Karen leaves to clean-up, the guys ungallantly discuss her rough looks "If that's the quality of British women, then we need a holiday" opines Ivan. (Well it's the quality you attract mate). So it's off to the Philippines for these two.

First they pick up 28 year old Jackie who they take back to their hotel room for Ivan to fuck. This sets the pattern, although it seems Jackie is the recruiting agent for most of the others. Grace (25) is next up, Scott gets first fumble but retires before Ivan joins her to do the business. Jackie introduces 27 year old Joy and 31 year old Marie for the next scene. Only when everyone undresses does it become apparent that both Joy and Marie have cocks too. Ivan blows Marie then wanks over her torso. Scott appears to give these two a wide berth. Emalyn is just 22 years old but she gets the same shagging treatment from Ivan on the bed and armchair. Scott seems so traumatised by the she-male experience that he no longer appears in front of the camera and by the final scene has left altogether. Finally AnLyn, who is 21, gets fucked on the bed and armchair in a scene shot with two fixed and one hand-held cameras. After a good facial, Ivan even pauses to take a few still self portraits with a fourth camera.

Ivan obviously enjoyed his holiday, fucking four very pretty tight-bodied young Philippino women. One wonders how many had HIV certs as he fucked them all bareback? Another specialist release that will certainly appeal to punters looking for Philippino gonzo with a naff British twist.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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