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Released: 2005
Director: Wilton Place
Notes: Cinderella/CDI
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Running time: 73 mins.

This woefully short 'solo' film features six girls in five uninspiring scenes. Amongst the cast are two Brits - Alicia Rhodes and Michelle B.

Alicia appears in the second scene, sitting in a badly creaking cane chair with her slash-fronted black top pulled tight over her tits and her black knickers high into her pussy. Slipping out her boobs, she licks them. Then her hand moves to her panties and she probes herself first with two, then three and finally four fingers. Grabbing a blue vibrator from the table, she moistens the end before sliding it into her pussy. She holds the humming vibe against her clit and a big black rod is next in her hole, making her juices flow. Squeaks and creaks follow as Alicia lies face down on the chair, prodding her self from behind. Back on her bum she opens her legs and toys herself to orgasm.

Scene 4 has Michelle in a leather rocking chair talking on the phone. She hangs up and unfastens her black bra to fondle her boobs. Her shorts pulled to one side, a finger is slipped in. Then Michelle tastes herself. After sucking on a glass dildo, Michelle strokes her clit with its head. Her pussy dripping, Michelle plunges the toy in deep, her hand rhythmically moving in time to the sway of the chair. Smiling, Michelle licks the dildo clean.

None of the short scenes in the film show much imagination. The girls were all limited to an introduction of half a dozen words. After that each scene follows the same basic format. Even in the two girl scene with Ceira Sage and Kelli Tyler there was little interaction between the pair. For those interested in interior design the house used for the shoot has some dire decor. To pad the DVD out the extras contain some of the longest trailers I have seen, running to 12-15 minutes each, making these almost as long as the film. There is little in this film to recommend. Leave it on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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