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Released: 2003
Director: Fletcher
Notes: Zero Tolerance
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Running time: 130 mins.

Elizabeth Lawrence stars with five Americans - Shawnie, Taylor Rain, Cameron James, Julie Robbins and Catrina Kraven - in Zero Tolerance's six-scene film about girls who like being taken by two cocks then swallow the results of their hard work.

Scene 5 sees Elizabeth dressed in a red frilly bra and matching dress and looking like a cheerleader, but instead of pom-poms she has two cocks in her hands which she wastes no time in tasting. As the boys remove her bra Elizabeth takes the dicks deep down her throat, gagging and dribbling over her tits. The action moves on to a naked Elizabeth bouncing up and down on one of the guy's cocks with the other in her mouth. The three shift so Elizabeth can be taken from behind, first in the pussy, then the arse. After taking mouthfuls of man meat Elizabeth wants to be DP'd and the guys fulfil her wish. A long session DP follows with the occasional break for Elizabeth to lick the juices from the boys' cocks before changing position. A little more deep anal thrusting then it's time for the reward as both guys fill her mouth, but two loads of cum is not enough so the camera man spills his load to quench Elizabeth's thirst.

All the girls in the film are hot, dirty and, with the exception of Shawnie, know how to swallow cum. A special mention should also go to Taylor Rain for her acrobatic antics, firstly giving a guy a blow job whilst hanging upside down from his neck, then wrapping her legs behind her head to be taken up the bum.

The DVD is packed with extras making it great value for money and well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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