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Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Strand SP053
Notes and Reviews

Misty starts things off with a short three-minute solo on the bed, then is interviewed by Remington Steel while Phil McCavity shoots a topless girl on a bed in the background.

Then, starting in a pink business suit, Misty has sex with Simon Santana on a bed. She removes just her jacket as she's fucked reverse cowgirl in this 15 minute scene from later in her career.

The next scene is quite short and features KT on a bed in a studio. She wears only some pretty floral pattern underwear and hold up stockings as she gets the guy's kit off then pull her pants aside and mounts him cowgirl. Sex in doggie ends with KT's partner coming over her bum.

The final scene, which makes up over half the DVD, is an elaborate pick-up and fuck sequence which starts with KT being wired. She then sets out to pick up Amie in a Wimbledon shopping centre in a scene which lasts for over 10 minutes. Both girls return to the studio, change out of their jeans into fancy underwear, stockings and suspenders and join Karl on the sofa. With Remington, Karl and KT wheedling her compliance after 30 minutes Amie succumbs and has pretty decent sex with Karl. Not to be left out, KT gets fucked too and Karl frequently swaps between the girls pussies although it's not clear if this was live or edited. Eventually Karl cums over the girl's faces. Now I'm cynical enough to believe that all these so-called pick-ups are all prearranged, but the build up here is very painstaking ... and the results well worth the wait.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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