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Released: 2003
Director: Francois Clouset
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 86 mins.

Identities sees a youthful Jamie Brooks in one of her earliest American films, starring alongside fellow Brit Lara Lewis and a host of American girls. A series of mishaps on a stormy night brings three couples to a remote hotel run by Jamie, her cousin Lara and the strangely behaved assistant Mr Pete. Having got lost in the downpour, Brittany Skye and Trevor Zen are the first to arrive, followed by blow-out victims Kelli Jennsen and Steve St Croix. The last to turn up are Passion and Eric Masterson, who are convinced they've knocked down someone on the road. Although, they failed to find her body.

The couples settle into their bedrooms for some stormy sex, but one by one the guests disappear.

Jamie finds herself outside with the sinister looking Mr Pete. Teasing down his trousers, she slips his cock into her mouth. As the lightning flashes, Lara can be seen at an upstairs window watching the pair. Slipping out her pert breasts, Jamie lets Mr Pete lick them. Turning, she bends forward to be fucked from behind. Leaning against a tree and with her legs high in the air, Mr Pete rams hard into Jamie's pussy. The two slide to the ground where she rides him reverse. As the rain starts up again, Mr Pete sprays his spunk over Jamie's pussy. The couple head back indoors.

Sitting, in her black jumper and jeans, Lara waits for Jamie. She can smell Mr Pete on Jamie and now wants some for herself. Jamie fingers and laps away at Lara's shaven pussy. The girls twist and rive on the sofa. Stripped, Lara's tongue probes Jamie's minge. She chews at her clit. The two wriggle and rive as they finger fuck. Their session is brought to an abrupt end when the last two guests, Brittany and Steve, announce they are leaving and head out into the night - never to be seen again?

This movie is a cross between Psycho and The Shining - with sex. A good story line, fairly well acted - Identities gives fans a chance to see Jamie in her early work, as well as offering a glimpse of Lara Lewis. What happens at the end? That would be telling, but Identities is a nice little film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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