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Released: 2004
Director: Paul & Jamie Arbiter
Notes: Hustler
Notes and Reviews

Excellent production from the Arbiter brothers on this US release. However many may feel that with Vicky's scene and a similar one for Tammie available on R18 it's not worth buying. However the striking Michelle Banks gives a fine dirty performance, which makes it all worthwhile.

Vicky Powell's scene with Steve Hooper and Tony de Serghio from Shag My Bitch Up (1), although given the release chronology the SMBU scene should be listed as the one from IMP IV.

In scene 2 Tammie Lee gets fucked by Steve and Tony. She sits between the guys, in a black dress and boots, for a little banter and foreplay before her dress comes off and her panties are pulled aside as she's fucked by each guy in turn while keeping the other's cock firmly in her mouth. Cowgirl with Steve develops into a DP when Tony sticks his cock up her bum. More full-length, full-strength anal before the guys wank over her panties laid over her belly.

Jessica Love gets similar treatment getting stripped to her pants for Steve to fuck her doggystyle while Tony keeps his cock in her face. After a while her pants are removed and she fucks both guys in several positions before taking Tony's tool up her bum in reverse cowgirl while Steve pushes her pants into her pussy. Anal for Steve in spoons before she takes both guys at once for a cowgirl DP. Double facial with panties.

Scene four is an all girl affair between Tammie and Jessica who take their bras off but keep their panties on for a mutual dildo session.

Next Steve and Mark Sloan have the delightful Michelle in the kitchen to fuck. They remove her t-shirt and spread her on the work surface for some mutual cock, tit and pussy licking. While Melanie sucks Steve's cock, Mark fucks her from behind with her pants wrapped around his cock. Positions are reversed as Steve fucks Michelle in spoons before Mark fucks her arse. Steve gets some anal sex too before the scene ends in the traditional way for this production.

Finally Demetri and Steve give Sandy Style a good double-pleasuring in a scene that has been released subsequently in Shag My Bitch Up (1).

Review by Bayleaf

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