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Released: 2003
Director: Brandon Iron
Notes: Platinum X
Alternate Titles
  • Brandon Iron's Intensities in 10 Cities
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 159 mins.

Brandon Irons has travelled the world to film 11 fantastic girls in 9 great cities plus Surbiton. Why Surbiton? Even if Kat lives there it still doesn't make it one of the worlds leading cities.

Swinging Surbiton is the setting for the 4th scene in the film. Kat meets Steve Hooper and Michael Stefano outside the station and following a wind affected interview the three set off for a good old shagging. At the flat Kat is soon stripped of her white slash top with the boys attaching themselves to her nipples as their fingers penetrate her pussy through her knickers. Steve's tongue starts to move south taking in Kat's clit and pussy while she is stuffing her mouth with Michael's dick. After she swaps the cocks in her mouth, Michael moves to slip his length into Kat's pussy. Having her fill from both, Kat turns onto all fours to be taken up the bum from behind. She then rolls to be taken reverse cowgirl. Kat shouts she's a naughty girl and wants to be filled by both cocks and the boys do as they are asked. The scene ends with Kat taking both guys over her face and in her mouth, but she still wants more!

Bev Cocks meets Claudio outside Waterloo station for the scene from London and the pair head off for a stylish open plan flat. Once in the lounge Bev slips out of her pink PVC mini skirt and knickers and Claudio goes straight to work licking and finger fucking her. Never the shy girl Bev buries Claudio's cock deep down her throat then gets him to lie back to mount him cowgirl. Bev's bum gently bounces up and down as she rides the erect dick. She moves to a semi spoons position as Claudio plays with her. Bev wants to be bum fucked and bends over the sofa arm for Claudio to access her arse. A good session of bum banging ends when Claudio wanks himself off, spraying Bev's forehead and nose with cum.

Most of the film is good including the scenes with Bev and Kat, but there are a few problems with wind noise in the outdoor interviews making them impossible to hear.

Brandon Iron has also gone for natural minimalist lighting in most scenes. This works in sun-drenched San Francisco, but in back streets Brussels the colours appear flat and washed out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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