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Released: 2003
Notes: Relish XXX
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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Relish / Tongue in Cheek

Another series of vignettes with a related theme from this very promising new production team, this time set around a doctor's surgery and the theme of giving advice on sexual matters.

In the first Dr. Pierre Dries is having a consultation with Tony de Serghio who is baffled because his wife wants anal sex. The doctor has to explain what this is and gives him a practical lesson with the help of nurse Kat (Catalina). She wears an unlikely short tunic, no knickers and black hold-up stockings, but, what the hell, this is porn. The doctor demonstrates and then gets the patient to try. The fact that there is plenty of foreplay is an excellent feature of this scene, as is the fact that the idea of giving a lesson is maintained throughout and used as an excuse to change positions. I can think of many producers who would have forgotten the theme after the first few minutes and then just gone through the usual routine. There is anal, of course given the theme, and one facial.

In the second scene Donna Marie is waiting for patient Brett (behind a screen with a set of porn mags) to produce a sperm sample. It isn't long before she loses patience and extracts the sample herself, though there is the slight inconvenience of having to scoop it into the sample jar off her tits.

Nurse Natalia attends to patient Michelle Barratt in the waiting room. Michelle looks fabulous in her black dress with wide and deep cleavage, but has lost her voice. (Just as well perhaps as we have heard her try to act before, though much can be forgiven for someone who looks this good.) A thorough examination of the entire bodies of both girls, with both hands and dildos, is needed before the diagnosis of laryngitis is established.

Teoni is a female doctor who accedes to a dying patient's last wish for a fuck. Some good lines are delivered in a slightly stilted fashion and there may have been problems with the stud as he has to resort to a dildo eventually, but this is an enjoyable scene nevertheless, with an amusing final twist.

Jo Lee (Karina Clarke) is being examined by Dr. Pierre. He can find no evidence of the nymphomania she claims and has to get nurse Kat to demonstrate what a nymphomaniac really is. Karina joins in and a threesome ensues. She looks fabulous and this is the first boy/girl hard core I've seen from her. I fervently hope not the last.

Excellent stuff. More please.

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