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Notes: Mask Video Productions
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Vanessa Brannan links her own 'special'.

  • She removes her blue underwear, followed by masturbation with fingers and then a vibrator. The ambient sound and her acting skills (here thankfully sans the leering) make this and the following scenes fairly believable.
  • In black hold-ups, bra and pants, apparently as if she's removed the rest of a maid's uniform. The underwear is then removed to reveal a bald pussy, and masturbation ensues, including the use of an orange dildo. The music is not too intrusive.
  • From bra and pants, the dildo comes out again for deeper penetration, aided by a blob of KY. Ambient sound.
  • On a lounger, Vanessa pulls aside her black body and again uses a dildo on herself: ambient sound.
  • As in scene 2, her hair is lighter and softer: in a clinging minidress, she looks absolutely great. Her pussy is bald, so these two scenes and the last one were presumably shot later than the others. Masturbation, then the dildo-and-KY routine is repeated. The music is OK; the slo-mo is not.
  • Vanessa fellates the same guy from the 'Suck Sensation' vids. She performs enthusiastically, but the scene cuts without a cum-shot, at least on my copy.

The picture quality is very good, and although only about three camera-positions are used, the blend is a good mix and works well (the last scene excepted). All the scenes (again with the obvious exception) come to a conclusion rather then cutting abruptly.

I would have expected a 'profile' to be a little more varied than five solo scenes and an abortive BJ, but fans of Vanessa will appreciate this tape, especially scenes two and five.

88 mins.

Review by JJ

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