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Released: 2010
Director: Spunk L Davis
Notes: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 116 mins.

Natalia appears in this subtitled foreign film, with a host of Czech girls including Jenny M and Nikki. While the first scenes seem unconnected and without a plot, somewhat confusingly the last two do have a storyline involving three girls and a double-ended dildo.

Natalia appears half way through the movie, turning up at her uncle's house after her flat has become flooded. He's away but two Czech girls are there to house sit. They help the dripping Natalie out of her dress and into the shower. Soaping her shaven snatch, it appears this interruption has put a stop to their girl/girl fun. Perhaps Natalia would join in, but she doesn’t understand. Dried off, she's taken to the bedroom where the three climb onto the bed. Natalia lies dream-like as the pair peck at her boobs and slowly move down her body. Tongues dance over Natalia’s mound and fingers probe until finally, she orgasms. The three girls kiss.

This is very much a touch feely film with lots of kissing and caressing before the gentle action begins. Scene setting is slow and wordy (not helped by the lack of English) and at times the camerawork is dark. Hot Silk is more of a mood film to have on in the background, like the music in supermarkets, rather than something to sit down and watch. This Silk is not so much Hot as Tepid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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