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Released: 2008
Director: Bill Fisher
Notes: Club Jenna
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Running time: 165 mins.

High Definition is the strange title chosen by Club Jenna for a film containing six unrelated scenes directed by Bill Fisher, including Ruby Knox, Renna Ryann and Britain's Roxy Jezel. The set-ups and scenarios are a mixture, ranging from a middle eastern harem to the court of Louis XIV - with a little chrome and black 70s style thrown in as well.

Roxy makes her first appearance in the second scene looking like an exotic far eastern Princess, dressed in silver and jewels. She invites us into her boudoir where two naked guys stand either side of her bed, their cocks primed for action. Grabbing the guys, Roxy feeds their dicks into her face, squeezing their balls as she swallows. Dripping with saliva, she leans forward in her thigh length silver boots to be spit-roasted. Flecks of silver glint on Roxy's bum as the two take turns pounding her pussy. One guy leaves. Roxy contents herself riding the other. The image fades as if the scene is ending. In the half light the boys jerk their loads into Roxy's mouth.

In black latex gear and ballet shoes, a red-haired Roxy lies on an inflatable turquoise bed, her face buried in Kimberly Kole's cunt. Tony de Sergio and Tommy Gunn are summoned over by the girls to add a little dick to the proceedings. The girls drop onto all fours and kiss as the guys ram in from behind: Tony into Roxy and Tommy into Kimberly. Swapping guys, the girls take control. Roxy sits atop of Tommy while Tony squeezes his cock through Kimberly's crotchless latex knickers. Crawling over each other, Roxy and Kimberly 69. The boys circle round, jabbing their cocks into moist minges. Roxy takes two loads of cream in her pussy. She squats over Kimberly who licks it out.

The title may be High Definition, but the production quality is low. The outside scenes are badly filmed and poorly lit, with the cameras and the lights pointing everywhere but the action. Once inside thing get no better. There are so many shouts and calls from the off screen about what the performers should be doing, I had to check that I wasn't watching the director's commentary cut. Then there's the nonsensical scenarios. An age (and a fortune) must have been spent getting Ruby Knox and McKenzie Miles, plus their entourage, kitted out in 18th Century costumes with sky high wigs. The action starts well in and around a period looking fountain. But the whole effect is spoiled when they move to a stainless steel staircase indoors. 'Keep it in character' come the off screen instructions, as the couples bang away in their crinolines beside halogen lit chandeliers. By Club Jenna standards this is well below par and probably the poorest film they have made to date. Having said that, this film is poor by anybody's standards, not just Club Jenna's. Definitely one to miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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