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Released: 2007
Notes: Pumpkin Media
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Running time: 111 mins.

Shot using a single hand held camera, in ordinary looking surroundings, Hot Button Girls gives the appearance of a made at home movie, although there's nothing amateur about either the production standards or the girls. The five solo scenes feature rising star Katie Fox and Tiffanny, both regulars in front of a camera. But for Carol, Claire and Isabella, this is their first outing in front of a lens.

New Porn Girl - Katie Fox sits on the small cream sofa in her pink, silk lingerie and fishnet stockings. Telling the camera she is a shy exhibitionist, she slips out her tits and runs a vibrator up and down her cleavage. Knickers discarded, Katie pulls at her pussy flaps. A finger disappears into her glistening fanny. Easing a metallic vibe into her pussy, Katie stretches herself. A larger pink dildo is next in her pussy. Groaning, she rolls and twists round on the sofa as she toys. Jabbing away at her pussy, she tastes her juices. The scene ends.

Banana Girl - Carol Pow, totters around the house in her high heels doing the dusting. Reaching the fruit bowl, this 'homely' girl picks up a banana. Sensually peeling it, she pops it into her mouth. Releasing her big boobs from her pink top, she runs the fruit over her body. Her white panties are next to go as Carol slips the banana between her legs. Peeling more fruit, she squashes them into her tits, licking the bits from her nipples. Settling down onto the floor, she shoves more bananas into her fanny, mashing them against her clit. More and more bananas are pressed against Carol's pussy and smeared over her body until she climaxes.

Home Alone Girl - Tiffanny takes Katie's place on the sofa, in her orange bikini, stockings and white heels. There's nothing on the telly so Tiffanny will have to find something else to occupy herself. Caressing her nylon clad legs, Tiffanny's hand reaches her bikini bottom. She tugs at the tufts of pubes sticking out the side. She is feeling hot and horny and wants something to fill her hairy muff. Stripped to her stockings and shoes, she shows the camera her arse. Reaching between her legs, she plays with her pussy. A vibrator has been stuffed down the sofa. Tiffanny pushes it deep into her pussy. Clenching her buttocks, the toy shoots out of her pussy. Tiffanny shuffles to the edge of the sofa and plays with her clit till she cums.

Board Girl - In her pink top and jeans, Claire has nothing to do but sit on her sofa. To try and inject a little fun into her day, she slowly strips, carefully placing her clothes on a chair. Her fingers are drawn to her shaven snatch and rubbing herself, she makes her nipples go hard and erect. Moistening a long pink dildo in her mouth, Claire runs it down her body and over her pussy. The tip slips between her lips. Throwing her head back, she thrusts it deeper and deeper into her hole. Claire's body jerks as she orgasms.

Horny Girl - The last girl to appear on the cream couch is Isabella. She is feeling hot and horny and can't wait to get out of her small black top and denim skirt. Standing in her fuchsia and black lingerie, Isabella plays with her trim body. Her bra off, she tweaks and teases her pert tits. Settling down on the settee, Isabella applies a good dose of lube to her pussy. She screws her face as she jams a vibrator into her cunt. Ready for a long wanking session, Isabella hammers away at her fanny, only stopping when she has satisfied herself.

OK, the sets may be a little wanting, but the same cannot be said about the girls, with all looking at ease during their performances. Tiffanny deserves a special mention, both for her brilliant interaction with the camera throughout her scene and for one of the hairiest muffs in the movies. Top marks for this solo film from Poco Loco.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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