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Released: 2007
Director: Paul Thomas as Chuck Lords
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 85 mins.

The House Boat is a strange title for this story based film from Vivid, as most of the action takes place in a second hand book shop in a rundown area of the town. Van Damage plays a shop assistant who hopes the environment will give him inspiration for his first novel. Ex-Penthouse centrefold Brea Lynn, Angela Stone and Poppy Morgan, who are "working girls" in the area, along with neighbour Jenaveve Jolie, distract his attention.

Van Damage fantasises about Brea being fucked in the non-fiction by Tommy Gunn, or being banged among the biographies by Johnny Castle.

Heading back to his houseboat, he passes Poppy and Angela in heated conversation on their mobiles with their pimp, Nick Manning. Having forgotten his key, neighbour Jenaveve lets him in. The pair start to have sex, but she would rather watch porn and masturbate!! His mind turns to the girls on the quay.

Poppy dances on the table in a short black dress. She slowly slides down to let pimp Nick lick at her pussy. Slipping to the floor to suck at his cock, her place on the table is taken by Angela. Poppy lies on top of Angela and starts to kiss. Nick enters her doggy style. Rolling over, Angela presses her pussy in Poppy's face and Nick fucks her. The three move on to the floor with the girls taking turns to ride his cock. Heading for the bathroom, Angela works herself into a frenzy, squirting as she cums. Nick's dick is guided into her arse while Poppy tongues at the pair. The girls kneel to be showered in spunk.

Back at work, Van Damage catches a glimpse of Brea. He chases after her... she's gone.

You get the feeling watching The House Boat that a lot of effort has gone in to portray the deeper meaning of the story and "the action" in the film is secondary. Don't get me wrong, this is still a very well made plot-based film with high production standards, great girls in sizzling sex and the "proper" acting you expect from a Vivid production... It also gets you thinking... What's it really about?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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