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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

It's Club Porno. One can tell because they've dimmed the lights at the Pornostatic pad and put in a dancers-pole. And with one simple prop we have the second in a new themed series from DiSanto and the team: Club Babes. The talent is pretty much the same, with a team selected from the current squad of lovelies - and it has to be said there are some very lovely lovelies indeed. The Pornostatic production machine rushes on, churning out quick professional 20 minute web scenes which are then gathered together as 2 hours DVDs, but they are getting like a Chinese meal - after a short while you're hungry again.

Antonia takes to the pole first, wrapping her long legs and lithe body around the steel. She slowly strips through an erotic act before, kneeling, she is confronted with a hard cock in her face. After a few more long shots of Antonia's fit tanned body and fantastic tits, the action cuts to a close-up of Antonia's pussy filled with cock. More brief fucking in missionary and doggy before Antonia takes a messy facial.

Natalie's next up against the pole as the lighting gets decidedly blue against Natalie's dayglo orange dress. Our ex pro dancer can't wait for cock and gets her mouth around some hard cock pretty quickly before wrapping her dress round her tummy and getting fucked reverse cowgirl. Plenty of hard sex on the sofa and a facial to finish.

In the third scene, Rebecca has toned down the makeup and with longer hair has a much softer look. Dressed in a short skirt and black top, Rebecca is our barmaid as she masturbates while sitting on a bar stool. Of course once a hard cock appears she drops to her knees, then returns to the bar stool, minus her knickers, for a fucking. Finishing off in cowgirl and spoons on the sofa, Rebecca keeps her skirt and top on, but she just can't keep those big soft tits from popping out.

After a few gyrations on the floor in her bra, pants and blue fishnets, Chloe takes on two cocks. Losing her pants on the way to the sofa, she is fucked by both guys, with a cock at each end, until both guys come over her face.

Sitting at the bar, Alexis and her boyfriend are served drinks by a naked waiter. The boyfriend stays in the background as Alexis sucks cock, then, losing all her clothes except her denim skirt, is taken to the sofa for a fucking which ends with a facial.

Finally, heavy-breasted Leah Caprice starts a lap dance and gets as far as removing her bra, but is interrupted by a naked man. She sucks his cock, then bends over to get fucked against the pole. Moving to the sofa, there's sex in most positions including a nice reverse cowgirl which affords a fine view of Leah's studded pubis. Ends with the usual facial.

Review by Bayleaf
September 2007

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