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Released: 2006
Director: Hank Hoffman
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 100 mins.

Vivid have built their reputation on films with hot beautiful girls in sexy erotic situations. Viewers of How Far Will You Go? will therefore know what they are getting with this movie. Blonde Monique Alexander stars alongside Chloe Dior and Destiny St.Claire, with Roxy Jezel in a supporting role.

Preparing to go out for the evening, Monique, Chloe and Destiny sit with their partners talking. The subject turns to sex and their first experiences. In a series of flash backs each recounts their tale with the action getting hotter and hotter. Eventually, with all the stories told, they head out for the night.

Roxy Jezel and Trent arrive at their friends to find the apartment locked. Rather than waste a night, the two have sex in their open topped sports car. Slipping off her top, Roxy makes a grab for Trent's gear stick. Kneeling in the foot well, she takes his dick deep down her throat, making her eyes water. With Roxy lying across his lap, Trent lifts her skirt and slaps her bum. They climb into the back seat. Legs ajar, Roxy is fingered and tongued, which get her juices flowing. She pops her feet onto Trent's shoulders to be fucked. Buses and wagons pass as Roxy bends over the boot of the car to be shagged doggy. The car rocks as Trent thrusts in. Back inside the car, Roxy rides reverse cowgirl, jumping off to take Trent's jizz on her tongue.

Four of the five scenes are as you'd expect from Vivid. Roxy's scene, however, is a little disappointing. For a story-based film it doesn't hang right with the rest of the film and in the dull confines of the car the action is cramped with poor camera angles. Having said that, How Far Will You Go? is still a good film, but with Vivid you always expect that little bit more.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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