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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
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So describe your fantasy rock chick. Dressed in faintly fetishistic black, thigh boots and lots of fishnet? Beautiful and big breasted? Horny as hell? Well you're in luck, as it's these qualities that match director Will DiSanto's fantasy too. Five girls in variations of black. Dresses, skirts, basques, gloves, fishnet holdups, thighboots or heels, these girls just want to have fun. Cocks are provided by the Pornostatic Posse in ones, twos and, in Jane's case, threes. Almost all the action takes place on the couch at the Pornostatic studio/flat (with the stairs).

Anjali, as she so often does, opens the proceedings stroking the neck of an electric guitar while the soundtrack booms out some heavy guitar licks. Anjali takes a quick pull on a bottle of Jack Daniels before she's presented with a couple of big naked white cocks to deal with. One of the guys slips her pants down before slipping his cock into Anjali's pussy, then it's end to end fucking with just the occasional peek at her tits as they pop out the top of her dress. Fucking in all positions on a white sofa before Anjali kneels to take a couple of reasonable facials.

Daisy Rock, in the role she was born to play, miming guitar in front of a naked man. Daisy is caught between playing properly and flashing her girly parts, which is really no contest, so she slips off her pants and impales herself on the guy's cock. Daisy eases her big pink tits out of her t-shirt top while she rides the guy cowgirl on the sofa and the pair fuck in all the usual positions. Access to Daisy's pussy is through the wide interstices (informative and educational, these reviews) in her fishnet tights. More fucking, licking and sucking before the guy delivers a little cum into Daisy's mouth.

Frankie Knight caresses her guitar befor caressing a big naked cock that is pushed into her face. Taking the cock in her mouth for a while, Frankie then pulls her pants aside and mounts the guy cowgirl on the sofa. Sex in doggy and missionary follows, ending with a facial.

In a black Motorhead t-shirt and leather miniskirt, Alexis looks the real deal and even her guitar mime is not totally ridiculous. As soon as she's joined by a couple of naked guys she reveals all. She's got no knickers on and those beautiful big tits are eased out of her bra. Alexis sucks both cocks together before one goes in her pussy. Sex in doggie, reverse cowgirl, spoons and deep missionary before both cocks explode in her face.

Renee Richards caresses her guitar then puts it to one side as she caresses her naked pussy. A naked cock joins her and soon the pair are fucking like mad on the sofa. Plenty of deep action until, in cowgirl the guy shoots into Renee's pussy. Unfortunately the camera is focused on Renee's face to show her pleasure, so it takes a little time to show a large cum-covered cock slipping out of her cunt.

Jane gives her guitar a little stroke, but the girl wants to get stuck in with the three naked cocks on offer. Jane's fishnet dress is pulled up above her tits as she takes the guys one at a time in cowgirl, skipping from cock to cock. Eventually a cock finds her bum and this leads inevitably to a dp in cowgirl. Scene ends with facials.

This is good porn fare from a production company that maintains good quality control throughout. Camerawork, lighting, editing, and sound are all as you would expect from an outfit producing lots of scenes a month. Excellent clothed women in good outfits and stark bollock naked guys, it ticks all the boxes for this genre. Except the whole efficiency of the production seems to remove a little soul, but this is a minor critcism. This is a good film for anyone who enjoys watching British Porn.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

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