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Released: 2006
Director: Hero Bosch
Notes: H2 Video
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Running time: 88 mins.

This is one of a series of films which Hero Bosch has shot in Europe for the American market. The five scenes are each rather short, with only the first starring Alicia lasting more than 15 minutes.

Panty Confession - In an aquamarine painted room, Alicia settles down on the sofa between Steve Hooper and Tony de Sergio. The boys get a flash of her naked pussy as her dress rides up. Steve finds a pair of white cotton knickers and persuades Alicia to pull them on. Stripping down to her big bloomers, she dances for the boys then sits back down with a cock in each hand. Alicia starts to suck. Her head bobs from side to side on the guys' dicks. The two pull her panties tight into her neatly trimmed snatch and Tony manages to slide his cock past the crotch into Alicia's damp pussy. As he thrusts away, she swallows Steve's shaft. Turning onto her side, the boys swap places. Tony fills Alicia's mouth as Steve takes her spoons. Down on all fours, Alicia gets her arse stuffed. She manoeuvres herself to take both boys. Stuffing her knickers in her mouth, Alicia waits for the boys' cream on her face. She sucks the spunk off the cotton.

Hardcore Fantasy 3 fails to hit the mark. The film appears to have been thrown together, with nothing linking the scenes except a strange American voice-over of the sort which went out of style years ago. Some of the scenes also lack attention to detail. Surely someone should have spotted Anastasia Christ had lipstick on her teeth when the film was being made? Even with a half decent scene from Alicia, the overall impression left upon this reviewer was poor.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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