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Released: 2005
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: H2 Video
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Running time: 96 mins.

Hot Letters 5 is director Frank Thring's interpretation of the stories mailed to sex magazines. Each of the six 20 minute vignettes tells a separate tale: sex in the library, shagging by the swimming pool, dressing up fun, etc. There is also a Christmas theme running through the film, which is hardly surprising as it was shot in the middle of winter in Budapest.

At the bosses Christmas party, a slightly tipsy Lee Henshaw sets off upstairs to find a toilet. Lost, he staggers into Karla's bedroom. In her white ruffled top, short plaid skirt and braided hair, she thinks her Christmas box has come early. Kneeling, she wraps her pink lips around his shaft and starts to wank. Her head bobs up and down. Karla leads Lee to a tiger print sofa and spreads herself before him. His hands run over her body and into her knickers. Panties pulled aside, Lee's fingers enter her pussy. Her juices trickle over her thighs. He laps them up as his finger probes her arse. The pair shag spoons. She rolls over and eases his cock into her arse. Lying Lee flat out, Karla bounces away reverse with his member up her bum. Ready to cum, he coats her lips. She wipes it off and cleans her fingers.

Hot Letters 5 is a true international collaboration. Filmed in Hungary for a Greek production company and directed by a Brit, it's packed with gorgeous Czech and Hungarian girls. From the fusion of nationalities, Frank Thring has produced a pleasing movie. Nothing too taxing, but with the occasional twist in the action. A good view for those dark cold nights.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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