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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse
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Running time: 140 mins.

It's unclear whether Hard Fi Swingers is a one-off or the start of another series as Pornostatic attempts to segment the British porn market then cover all the bases. Pornostatic are now one of most prolific and reliable Britporn producers and this is another release to enjoy.

Franky Knight opens the show with some solo posing and teasing on a sofa, flashing her tits and pussy, but she's still fully dressed when she's offered two cocks to suck. The guys use fingers to get Franky juicy, then remove just her pants to fuck her in all positions. With both her loose top and skirt round her waist she gets spit-roasted standing, sitting and lying before two giant bursts of semen cover her face.

Kyla wears combat gear (well green net top, camouflage microskirt and buckled boots) for her fucking encounter. After posing for the camera she slips her pants off, sucks her man hard and gets properly shagged on a white sofa. Good hard action which is accessorised with a dog lead at times, before Kyla slips of her vest top to take a large load over her even larger tits.

Wearing a white t-shirt with a garish 'superstar' logo, plus white shorts and socks, Simone looks like a super-sexy kids tv presenter as she's interviewed by Will and Anjali, Sitting on a sofa, Simone shows off her slim 5'7" figure and pert bum before two guys appear and get their cocks sucked. Easing off her shorts, Simone gets fucked by both guys with some good action in reverse cowgirl before they cover her face with cum.

Renee eases off her denim shorts while posing for the camera and pulls a tiny boob tube off her tits before unzipping her man and sucking his cock. Once hard she mounts him in reverse cowgirl at the start of some decent fucking. During the action the guy undresses, but Renee keeps the sliver of white material just under her boobs. Good deep fucking ends with a facial.

Ariana Mistry boasts how many men this little Indian girl has had at once, while posing in denim skirt, black top and knee socks. Here she's offered three naked cocks in her face. Ariana is bent over and her shorts eased off her hips so that she can take the first cock. Losing just her shorts, Arianna keeps a cock at both ends as she's fucked by the three guys in doggy and missionary before all three come over her face.

The multiple cocks for the ladeez certainly spice up this production, with all the girls turning in fine sexy performances. There's only a passing reference to swinging as the individual girls fuck white boys from the Pornostatic posse, so the title could be deemed misleading. Fortunately the well-shot action and the inclusion of exclusive girls make this a fine film to watch and enjoy.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Pornostatic, under Anjali Kara and DiSanto, have become Britain's most productive film producers. Hard Fi Swingers is shot in their distinctive 'house style' of minimalistic sets, clean crisp camerawork and sizzling hot girls.

With the neck line of her patterned top plunging to reveal her firm breasts, Franky Knight teases the camera, lifting her skirt to rub at her knickers. Dropping to the floor, she crawls towards a cock. Spotting a second dick, she makes her way back to the sofa and beckons the boys over. Grabbing the dicks, she plunges them into her mouth. Her eyes water as she crams them both between her lips. Ben crouches down. His fingers then his tongue play with Franky's moist pussy. She manoeuvres to mount the second guy's cock. Standing, Franky sucks dick while Ben enters her from behind. Locking his arms around her hips, he pulls her against his shaft as the pair fuck cowgirl. Kneeling on the sofa, Franky gets spit roasted by the pair. She slides to the floor to probe her tonsils with their pricks. Tugging away at the boys, Franky gets her face showered in spunk.

In her khaki fatigues and spiked collar, Kyla Croft runs her hands over her body and lifts her tits out of her olive net top. Ben sits wanking as he watches Kyla's black knickers peel down and a finger stroke her pierced clit. He walks over, jabbing his dick between her lips. Kyla wraps her black painted nails around his rod and tongues the head. Ben turns scarlet as Kyla forces his face into her fanny. Pushed back on the sofa, she sits on him, falling forward to 69. Winding a chain around Ben's cock, Kyla sucks. The wet member is taken in her pussy, missionary. Using her boobs to smother Ben, Kyla rides cowgirl. Climbing off, she pulls at the chain, making him lick her arse. The two bang away doggy then spoons, before Kyla removes her top to give him a tit fuck. Kyla rubs her black boots against Ben's balls as he undoes the laces. Sucking at her toes, he then runs them down his dick. Yanking away at his cheb, Kyla sits up and cups her breasts. His cream flies over her forehead and face.

In tight white pants and a superstar T-shirt, Simone introduces herself and does a sexy dance. Settling down on the sofa, two guys approach. She gives each a blow job as they stroke at her long dark hair. Standing, the guys pull Simone's panties tight into her arse. She lies across their knees to suck at dick. Knickers pulled down, Simone crouches between the pair and sucks. Ben sits himself on the sofa. Simone slides onto his cock. Down on all fours, Simone takes a guy at each end. The cock sucking continues as she rides Ben reverse cowgirl. With her hand on her pussy, Simone laps and bites at the boys' balls. They jerk their jizz over her lips. She removes every last drop of juice from their cocks.

Slipping her tits out of her white boob tube, Renee tweaks her nipples. A hand slips into her tight denim shorts and strokes her pussy. She turns to show the camera her bum. Peeling down her pants, Renee bends forward. Hair tucked behind her ears, she starts to suck on Ben's manhood. Spinning round, Renee plonks her pussy on Ben's face as the two 69. Slithering down Ben's body, Renee settles herself on his cock. She rocks and bounces against his balls. Falling on to their sides, the pair shag spoons. Renee twists onto her hands and knees, grinding into Ben's dick. After tasting her juices, Renee lies with her legs pulled back, Ben banging hard into her hole. As she fingers herself, Ben empties his load into Renee's mouth. She scrapes the last drops of cum off her lips and licks them.

The final girl in the film is Ariana Mistry. She gyrates her hips and feels her bum as she stands in her denim skirt and black top. Lifting her boobs out of her blue bra, she licks her nipples as the first of three cocks appears. She stops to take it in her mouth. Number two and three follow quickly on. Ariana holds a boy in each hand, her head yo-yoing between the three. Easing down her shorts, Ariana is fucked from behind as she sucks on the other two cocks. She lies back to get her pussy filled. The boys brush their dicks over her boobs. Kneeling, Ariana is spit roasted. She licks her lips as the three empty their balls over her face.

Pornostatic prove that even with their punishing schedule of releases, quality need not suffer. Hard Fi Swingers, with its five great girls in some stonking multi-cock action, is a great film to watch. Who could want more?

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