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Released: 2006
Director: Glenn Baron
Notes: Kick Ass
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 110 mins.

I must admit when watching the original 'Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy' with Destiny Deville I thought it was one of those one-off slightly 'freaky' films the Americans sometimes make. With a change in director, Kick Ass have now turned it into a series and, with number 10 recently released starring Angel Long, it had to be worth a look.

First up is Angel. Sitting on the sofa in her shiny dark emerald bra and knickers, she caresses her body as she talks about trying the pussy pump for the first time. Slipping her fingers into her panties, she plays with her pussy. Her shoes are kicked off and Angel takes her toes in her mouth to gives them a blow job. Holding the plastic cup against her cunt she starts to pump and her pussy lips and clit swell. Teasing herself, Angel pumps some more and her pussy fills the vacuum jar. Juicy and puffed up, she can't wait to be fucked. Tony Tedeschi is just the man for the job. He fills his mouth with Angel's swollen lips and tongues her arse. Angel sucks at his cock as she pumps her pussy again. Tony slips his prick between her enlarged pussy lips - it feels so different. Angel groans and gasps with pleasure as Tony hammers hard. He teases her distended clit with his cock before she rides reverse. Using four fingers in her fanny, Angel gapes as she lies back to be taken missionary. She sits up to take Tony's cum in her mouth then blows spunky bubbles.

As usual Angel made her scene hot and horny, with a good interplay between both the camera and Tony Tedeschi. The final girl, Isis Love, also put in a good performance to match that of Angel. The remaining three, Haley Jade, Eve Lopez and Cherrie Rose, just lay back and let things happen. Though to be fair to Cherrie the 'mini plot' of her scene was weak. Overall the jury is still out. Angel, with her pussy at twice its normal size, did look strangely sexy. Having said that, is there any part of Angel that doesn't look sexy, pumped up or not?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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