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Released: 2006
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 161 mins.

For two or three years Hannah Harper worked almost exclusively for the Sin City studios, making a number of plot based films under some of America's top directors. Hannah Goes to Hell is one of her later films for the company. Full of intricate sets, special effects and a strong supporting cast including Alicia Angel, Annette Schwarz and Kelly Wells, it has the look and feel of a big budget production.

Standing in front of a mirror in her black négligée, Hannah caresses her body as she reflects on what her best friend has just told her. Alicia Angel has confided that she's pregnant but she believes her husband is having an affair. Leaving the bathroom, Van Damage lies waiting on the bed. She should tell him that his wife suspects him of being unfaithful... but first she wants sex. Dropping onto her back beside him, Hannah parts her pussy and gets Van Damage to lick. She moans as her arse is teased with his finger. Easing his cock out, Hannah starts to suck. Van Damage holds her blonde hair as she takes him deeper and deeper. Straddling Van Damage's body, Hannah sinks down on his manhood. Falling back, he guides his dick into her arse. Rolling over, the bum banging continues doggy style. Grabbing Van Damage's shaft, Hannah's tongue darts over the tip. Coming home early, Alicia opens the door to see Hannah get a mouth full of cream. Finding a gun, she shoots...

Hannah finds herself in a long dark passageway. She sees a light at the end and heads for it.

Lying on a shabby settee, in a short blue dress, Hannah fingers herself while Herschel Savage and Otto Bauer swill beer and leer at her. Putting down their drinks, the guys move towards her. They grope and paw at her body. Herschel stuffs his dick into Hannah's mouth as Otto stoops to chew at her cunt. Tipping her head back, the boys fuck her throat. With Hannah's face full of cock, Otto rams her pussy. She's turned onto her back so he can enter her arse. Herschel joins for some DP action. Hannah twists to taste the juice laden dicks. The guys manage to work their tools back into her pussy and arse. Hannah drops to the floor to be showered in spunk.

Faced with the Devil, Hannah is convinced there's been some mistake. He confronts her with her past. Room mates Keeani Lei, Lorelei Lee and Kelly Wells surround Hannah with their make-up streaked and body stockings torn. Smearing Hannah with lipstick, the girls force their fannies into her face. She starts to lick. More lipstick is applied to her body. The three finger and probe Hannah's pussy and arse. Jamming her tongue into Hannah's mouth, Kelly tugs and twists at her tits. The other girls find a red dildo and jab it into her pussy. A glass rod is added to Hannah's arse. The three push and pull at Hannah, then don their strap-ons. Gagging on plastic, Hannah's pussy and bum are banged. She cries out as she climaxes.

Back with the Devil, Hannah feels his arm wrap around her body. His clawed hand strokes at her boobs. She drops to her knees to deep throat his cock. The fires of hell form patterns over her body as she sucks. Crouching, Hannah lowers herself onto the Devil's dick, riding him reverse up her arse. Covered in sooty marks, she lies back to have her bum filled by the Devil's works. He cums over her face.

Hannah is told it wasn't best friend Alicia who killed her. She is taken aback to see the last moments of her life on earth. Alicia pointed the gun at herself. Hannah had filled herself with booze and driven her car off the road. Alicia appears beside the Devil. Hannah is made to lick her pussy. Creatures creep out of the fire and drag Hannah away. She's placed on a rock and they start to fuck her. With the Devil hammering away at Alicia, Liv Wylder and Annette Schwarz turn up to torment Hannah, lapping at cock as they ravish her body. With arms and legs thrashing, there's a mass of fucking flesh. Covered in grime, the girls get covered in jizz. Licking it up, they pass it from mouth to mouth. Hannah swallows...

Hannah finds herself alone in hell, condemned to masturbate forever.

This is one of the hardest and hottest films Hannah Harper has made for Sin City, packed full of action from beginning to end. Though the plot and the moral of the film are both important, director Jim Powers hasn't allowed them to get in the way of the real point of the film. No, not 'if you're bad you'll go to hell', but Hannah in raw, steamy sex. The special effects and make-up also deserve credit. Lee Stone is hardly recognisable under his prosthetics and body paint as the Devil. A great film is made even better with the inclusion of a second DVD containing extensive behind the scenes footage and interviews. Hannah Goes to Hell is a top rate film and well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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