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Released: 2006
Director: D. Cypher
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 115 mins.

There have been a number of films called Hookers over the years. The latest, from Sin City, stars their contract girl Hannah Harper in the lead role alongside the Americans Penny Flame, Harmony and Cassie Young. Like Hannah's other works, in Hookers she shows she can act and deliver dialogue as well as hard hot action.

In her plunge-neck black dress, Hannah sits at the keyboard reciting the tale of her latest piece of investigative journalism on the subject of the hookers of Hollywood. Hannah doesn't just believe in writing her articles, she experiences and lives the lifestyle of the people she writes about. This time she has become too involved.

In a short candy-pink and black bustier and mini skirt, she works the street corners with Penny Flame. Watching Penny go down on her first client, Hannah feels herself drawn in. She has to do everything she can to prevent herself from taking the guy away from Penny.

Back at the apartment, Hannah's hands stroke at her pussy as she thinks about what happened.

Her next assignment takes Hannah to a massage parlour. Cassie Young readies a guy's prick for action. As it's pushed into her pussy, Hannah realises not everything is as it seems with the guy. With Cassie bonking away she leaves just before the place gets raided.

Wanting to fulfil one of her fantasies, Hannah books a girl/girl session with Alectra. Turning up at the seedy motel room, she finds slim blonde Nevaeh has been brought along for some three way action. Peeling down her black bra, Hannah relaxes on the bed as the girls suck at her nipples. Alectra reaches down to open Hannah's pussy lips for her tongue, Nevaeh join in the licking then slips in her fingers. Moving across the bed, the girls form a daisy chain, lapping and licking at each other's pussies. Stockings ripped and laddered, Hannah forces her fanny into Alectra's face and falls forward to 69. A big pink dildo is plunged into Alectra's wet hole and Hannah screws a knobbly glass rod into Nevaeh. The three paw and pull at each other's pussies till they orgasm.

With enough material for her piece, Hannah doesn't need go out again but she is lured back for one last look. This time as a high class escort at a party. Watching Harmony take on three guys turns her on and, when Hannah is invited to the bedroom by the host, she readily accepts. Climbing onto the bed in her sexy lingerie and fishnets, she swallows the guy's cock. He is surprised at how easily she took his length down her throat. Turning onto her back, Hannah opens her legs. The guy stretches her open and slips three fingers deep inside her. She gasps as his prick is plunged into her pussy. Hannah slides her fingers in alongside the cock. The two turn onto their side for spoons action. Hannah wants him up her arse and eases herself down his shaft. She jumps off to taste her bum juices then bends over for more anal action from behind. Fingers pulling at her fanny, Hannah yanks the guy till he fills her mouth with jizz. His cream trickles down her cheeks. That is a story to write about.

This film is all you would expect from a top US studio, well written and beautifully shot. Hannah shows that when it comes to big parts which require 'proper' acting and emotions, she can do it and, whether appearing with girls or boys, she can turn on the steamy hot action. Hookers is up amongst the best story-based films released during 2006. If you get a chance try to watch it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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