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Released: 2006
Director: Hero Bosch
Notes: H2 Video
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Running time: 93 mins.

Greece may not be a country which springs to mind when it comes to film production, but according to the blurb on the front of Hardcore Fantasy Vol 1, it's the home of H2 Video who commissioned this work. Clearly aimed at the American market, the five individually titled vignettes come from Hungary and the Czech Republic, with one shot in Britain starring Angel Long.

Pantie Lovers - Steve Hooper and Tony de Sergio rummage through Angel's overnight bag and find it full of knickers. She enters the room to find the pair admiring the cut and sniffing the crotches of her panties. Sitting, Angel lifts her skirt. She may have another pair for the boys to examine... Slipping her hand into her briefs and fingering herself, these will be fresh. Kneeling in front of them, Angel tugs down their shorts to suck at their dicks. Steve runs his fingers over her fabric covered fanny. Panties off, Steve's tongue probes Angel's pussy and arse as she laps at Tony's cheb. Lying across the sofa, Tony slips his cock between her legs. The boys swap, with Steve shagging Angel spoons. With a dick eased into her arse, Angel sits up to be DP'd. The guys pound away at her. With her knickers stretched over her mouth, Angel invites the two to cum on her face. She licks their cream from the cloth.

A couple of the scenes do have dodgy voice overs, but overall the film is well made and shot, with good hot action. I would however be concerned if I was Sylvi in the last scene. Coming home as she does to find her boyfriend and his best mate wanking on the sofa, claiming that it's a show of affection for her!!! One might expect alarm bells to ring, but maybe that's the way they do it in Hungary.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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