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Released: 2006
Director: Hank Hoffman
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 93 mins.

Bubbly blonde Monique Alexander has organised a game of hide and seek (or hide and go seek as the Americans call it) for members of her fan club in this movie from Vivid. Taken to her secluded retreat in the middle of a forest, Gia Givanna, Tiffany Taylor and Brit star Isabel Ice, along with a gaggle of guys, are given the rule: The last one to be found gets Monique as their prize.

Whilst the group head off to the trees, Monique occupies herself with Tiffany Taylor on the front porch.

Gia is the first to be found, fucking in the barn with Marcus. Tiffany is discovered not long after, banging away under a bridge.

Crouched behind a tree, Isabel bumps into Tommy Gunn. Her first instinct is to grab at his prick and start tugging. The two move into a clearing and strip. Isabel guides Tommy's hand towards her pussy. Furtively looking round, the coast is clear. Isabel stoops and runs her tongue over Tommy's tadger. Birds sing in the trees as she drops to her knees to swallow. Bending over a rickety old chair, Isabel is entered from behind. Flies buzz around the pair as they bonk. Tommy sits on an old tree stump. Isabel lowers herself onto his staff. Isabel's cries attract Monique's attention. The two have been spotted. Their chance of winning gone, Tommy and Isabel shag away till he's ready to cum. She catches his load on her tongue.

With there being no clear winner of the game, Monique finds herself a woodsman to fuck.

While the cast in the film is decent, I felt the film was let down by the production quality. For a large studio like Vivid, you would expect them to get the basics right and a clean lens is definitely one of them. The second scene starring Gia was ruined by a spot strewn image and the mucky marks weren't cleared until half way through Tiffany's action. The outdoor scenes were also marred by midges and flies. A quick spray of repellent would have spared the guys and girls constantly flicking and swatting at the annoying insects. A great film for entomologists. Otherwise, not much cop.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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