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Released: 2006
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Private Tropical 23: Hotel Affairs
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 96 mins.

If you like films with sun, sea, sand, sex and beautiful girls, then there is no doubt that director Alessandro Del Mar is one of the kings of this genre. Hotel Affairs is one of a series of movies Del Mar has shot under the Private Tropical label and it features some of Europe's finest girls, filmed in stunning locations. Jamie Brooks takes the lead role in the film and is supported by four gorgeous blondes, Justine Ashley, Elinor, Diana Gold and Monica Lion.

Jamie and her husband have arrived in a tropical paradise for a week of relaxation in an 'old world' hotel full of character and charm.

Exploring the garden, Jamie stumbles across Diana Gold filling her pussy with black cock. The sight of the two turns her on. Slipping a hand into her knickers, she silently watches. Jamie catches a glimpse of someone else in the foliage. A photographer stands with his cock in his hand. With Diana's arse gaping from the pounding it's getting, Jamie creeps over to the photographer and grabs hold of his cock. Dropping to her knees, she wraps her lips around its girth and starts to suck. In the distance, Diana gets her pussy covered in jizz. Jamie leaves the photographer to jerk himself off.

Heading to the beach, Jamie discovers a quiet cove. On the beach, Monica Lion is having sex in the sand. Jamie caresses her breasts through her bikini, when she is spotted. Monica calls her over to join in. Crouching, Jamie fills her face with cock as Monica teases down her shorts. The guy stretches out on the snow white sand and Jamie sinks down on his shaft with Monica lapping at the pair. Turning round, Jamie guides the dick into her arse and gently rocks. The three make their way to the crystal clear water for more anal action. Jamie pulls at the guy's prick and he fills her mouth with cream. Kissing Monica, it dribbles over their chins.

With her husband away fucking Monica on a boat trip, Jamie chats to Diana by the pool. Mentioning Diana's exploits the previous day, Jamie tells of how she'd like to meet the guy. The following day Jamie finds herself by a secluded stream. Her hand goes down the black guy's trousers. He plays with her tits as she gets his cock out. Screwing her face, Jamie feeds it down her throat. The guy jabs his dick into her cheek. Her black knickers removed, Jamie hangs around the guy's neck to be fucked in the middle of the stream. Shifting to a rock, she eases his big cock into her arse and bounces, a breast hanging out of her red top. Balancing on a stone, Jamie is filled from behind. She moves to be taken missionary. The guy cums over her pussy. Scooping it up, she licks her fingers.

It's the final day of the holiday. Jamie lounges on the beach whilst her husband pops off to see the photographer. He has some incriminating shots of Jamie's holiday antics. With Justine, Ashley and Elinor in tow, the four shag on the sand under the palm trees.

Armed with the photos, Jamie's husband arranges to meet Poppy Morgan. Showing her the shots, it's all been an elaborate trap to get the evidence he needs for a divorce.

Like other Del Mar films in the series, the plot is incomprehensible. If it wasn't for Poppy summarising the whole lot in the last few minutes of the movie you wouldn't have a clue what it was about. Still, that's not why you watch the film. It's for the sizzling hot action in idyllic locations with stunning girls. In this regard, Hotel Affairs hits the mark.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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