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Released: 2005
Director: James Avalon
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 112 mins.

Written and directed by James Avalon, Harlot is the tale of suspicion between Chris Cannon and his wife Aurora Snow. As the story unfolds, more and more guys and girls become involved in Aurora's kinky sex games, a pre-brunette Holly Wellin being one of them.

Convinced there is something going on, Chris tells his secretary Kimberly Kane as he shags her. She has a friend who may be able to help. Brittney Skye turns up at his house later on. Using her mystic powers, she will tell Chris what's been going on. Unfortunately, this psychic only works with a prick in her pussy.

Brittney can see Aurora in the bedroom with Holly and Grant Michaels. The girls have a bet he can't stay hard for an hour. Holly starts the clock and tests him by wanking away at his cock. Aurora takes him deep down her throat. Spitting on his dick, Holly joins in, crouching in her fishnets. Ripping open Aurora's tights, Grant fucks her from behind. Holly sits masturbating, then it's her turn. Spreading her legs, she's filled missionary. Lying Grant on the floor, the two take turns mounting his manhood. Checking her watch, the hour is almost up. The second hand sweeps round as Grant fires his cream into Aurora's mouth. Leaning over, she drips it onto Holly's face.

A second scene flashes into Brittney's mind: Aurora organising an orgy at a sex club... Having heard Brittney through, Chris now knows what his wife needs and arranges for his mate Talon to help Aurora fulfil her fantasy.

Like a lot of US films in this genre, the plot is far fetched and corny. The good thing is it doesn't really get in the way of the action and it gives Aurora a good vehicle to show her talents. The rest of the cast are very much in supporting roles, but all play their parts well. For fans of plot based films, Harlot is a decent flick with nice sex scenes and is well presented.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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