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Released: 2005
Director: Michael Adams
Notes: Metro
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 133 mins.

The format for Handjob Hunnies is simple - get 12 girls in 12 short scenes to strip then jerk off a faceless cock. Volume 7 sees the appearance of four Brits who spread their talents on both sides of the Atlantic.

Roxy Jezel is first to appear. After stripping out of her white lace dress between the palm trees on the patio she enters the house looking for cock. Strangely once inside she is dressed again (this happens with all the girls) and after a quick tug of the todger she strips again. Oil is applied to the dick followed by some polishing and the guy cums over Roxy's hands which she licks clean.

Blonde, blue-eyed Michelle B plays with her new enlarged breasts through her flame orange lingerie which is soon discarded. Spitting on the cock for lube she grabs the shaft, working her hand over the dark red helmet as it slides up and down her cleavage. Sitting on the guys stomach it looks as if Michelle has grown an 8 inch man member which she jerks rapidly until it's ready to cum. Michelle then takes the load over her new tits.

Jamie Brooks, dressed in a black fishnet top and blue shorts, rubs herself as she strips. Inside it looks as if either Jamie has pulled the short straw or she has very large hands, three fingers covering the chap's tool. With a little magic manipulation coupled with a tit fuck the guy starts to rise to the occasion. A little more wrenching and the guy issues forth over Jamie's hand.

Isabel Ice is the last of the Brits on the film, but not the last scene. She flirts in her fluffy fluorescent fuchsia as she strips. Finding the willy asleep she grasps it in both hands to wake it up. Now swollen, Isabel plays the cock over her bum and tits giving the head an occasional flick with the tongue. A little more wanking and the guy empties his balls into Isabel's mouth.

I have to admit, even though the girls were good, after the second or third scene I found the film very repetitive and boring. Even die-hard Roxy, Michelle, Jamie or Isabel fans may find this just too dull.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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