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Released: 2004
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 122 mins.

Action kicks off straight away with the lovely Anjali taking on the Shaft. Dressed in black Playboy t-shirt, pants and long black boots, she has the Shaft's shaft in her face within seconds. Then, slipping only her pants off, takes the huge black cock in her pussy. Action on the sofa in reverse cowgirl and spoons, ends with facial.

Ebony, owner of one of the finest bums in Britporn, is sucking a white cock. Wearing only a minimalist black leather dress she wiggles her leather-sheathed bottom at the camera as she sucks cock. Hitching up her dress, Ebony allows her partner to fuck her missionary, then she mounts him in cowgirl and the scene ends with him cumming over her neck.

Louise and Robyn undress, rubbing cream into each other's bodies. The action takes place on the sofa in an apartment where we can clearly see the street through the window - what will the neighbours think? Robyn takes a big black dildo in this all-girl scene.

In a lift, Lexi and boyfriend Pablo can't wait to get home. She's all in black but wearing no knickers. Once in their apartment they're both quickly naked on the bed for some hard and deep fucking, especially in reverse cowgirl. As an exclusive couple there's no use of condoms here which allows a first-class creampie with an extensive post-cum massage.

The next scene sees Anjali taking on another huge black cock. This time she has apprentice Carmen Taylor to watch. A little girl-girl to start then Anjali, wearng only a short white net dress, gets fucked on the sofa while Carmen watches, playing with herself and using a pink Rabbit on her pussy. She gets a bit closer to the action as Anjali is fucked in doggy to conclusion.

Frankie Babe enjoys a cigarette and a wank before she's joined by Chloe B for some girl-girl action. Frankie (in black) strips to her black boots while Chloe, in pink pvc, strips to her white ones. Solo and mutual wanking in this reasonably erotic scene.

Alicia Rhodes does not pass up the chance to get a good arse-fucking from another huge black cock. Alicia takes the tool deeply in her mouth and between her tits (still with her red dress on) before she mounts the guy cowgirl on a bed. Reverse cowgirl then anal from behind against a mirror - nice. Back on the bed for a facial - another condom-free scene.

Sabrina and Chloe B start out together, but are joined by the Shaft. Chloe, in a white tennis outfit, makes the early running by sucking cock and getting her pussy rubbed, but it's Sabrina, stripped to her hold-ups and knee boots, who does the business. Impressive full-length fucking in missionary, doggy and reverse cowgirl, the scene ends with Sabrina wanking the shaft into her mouth.

More top quality inter-racial fucking from the DiSanto team. Even the same sex pairings manage a light and dark mix. Anjali relishes her sessions with black cock and Alicia delivers her usual top class performance. Because Lexi only works with her own partner her scenes are in danger of becoming repetitive and boring. With a mixture of established and exclusive talent the Disanto team have developed a fine formula and I look forward to the next release with anticipation. Good Stuff.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

There is no messing about with the DVD of Hardcore Honeyz, press the play button and you're straight into the action, no titles, no cast list. The end of the film is almost as abrupt, final cum shot and bang back to the menu. Having said that, with lamentable camera work made worse by wretched editing, it's understandable why the crew would want to remain anonymous.

In a black top and knickers, Anjali is ready and raring to swallow as much of Mr Shaft's huge tool as she can. Her tongue darts over the head as she rubs and fondles his nut sack. With eyes watering she attempts to devour this mammoth man meat, but has to give up with only a third of its length down her throat. Her mouth cannot take it but perhaps her pussy can. She slides the cock between her legs, rocking and rolling her hips to work the monster deeper and deeper into her hole. As she falls to her side the pace slows down, but now Anjali is benefitting from the full length on every stroke. Her pussy can take no more so she wanks the dick to fill her mouth with cum.

Bending over in a tight black latex dress, Ebony has her mouth full of cock at the start of scene 2. Every inch of the rod gets sucked and licked as Ebony gets her shaven pussy tongued. The scene then jumps forward in what seems like hundreds of 2 or 3 second shots with Ebony riding cowgirl, missionary, spoons and doing oral all interspersed. Eventually there is a cum shot over Ebony's neck.

Rachel (Louise) appears in a zebra print dress at the top of the stairs playing with her pussy through her tight white knickers. Down on the sofa Robyn, in black, is texting and rubbing cream into her legs. The girls decide to indulge in some indoor activities rather than going out and start to massage each other's bodies. Rachel fingers and plays with Robyn's pussy as she sucks at her bum. Robyn returns the favour, licking her way up Rachel's legs. More exploration goes on then a black toy appears for the girls to finish off with as the world goes on outside their window.

Lexi sets off to a hotel bedroom with a guy in tow. As the door shuts he is sucking her nipples and probing her pussy. She sits on the guy's face and the pair start to 69. Lexi then slowly slides herself down the guy to feel his cock in her fanny. Unfortunately the editor then goes into overdrive with snippets of this and shots of that and the whole rhythm of the scene was broken ... and will someone switch off that bloody mobile phone! By the time Lexi took a cream pie I was starting to suffer from a head ache.

Anjali, dressed in white, next appears with blue eyed Carmen for a date with Mr Shaft. Thoughts of girl on girl play vanish when his gigantic 12 inches come on the scene. Anjali wastes no time taking the cock into her mouth as Carmen watches and wanks. Moving round, Anjali fills her pussy with dick, but poor Carmen has to make do with plastic. Still hoping, Carmen rubs herself harder and faster while Anjali is done doggy style. She even misses out on the cream, Anjali filling her mouth.

Blonde Frankie is smoking a cigar and fingering herself through her black knickers as Chloe B in thigh length white boots and shocking pink makes her way across the room. Chloe starts to play with herself, lifting her large breasts and sucking her own nipples. Interested in what she sees Frankie joins in, the girls kissing and caressing each other's bodies. With instructions shouted from the unseen director the pair pleasure themselves with solo pussy play accompanied by the buzz and click of a mobile phone too close to the sound equipment. It's then toy time, Chloe filing herself with a pink rampant rabbit and Frankie using a slim blue job helped by a couple of fingers.

Alicia, in a short red dress, wants to feast on a big black dick and fortunately there's one to hand. With saliva dribbling she takes it deep down her throat, balls banging her chin as she gags. Placing the cock between her ample breasts she give it a quick tit fuck then slides it between her legs into her pussy. Alicia is now ready for anal, riding the guy on the bed then leaning against a mirror to have her bum filled from behind as she pulls at her clit. The duo return to the bed for more cock-in-arse action and Alicia is rewarded with a good squirt of cum on her chin.

Chloe B returns for the last scene, this time with Sabrina and Mr Shaft. The girls start to play with each other but soon drop any idea of girl on girl action when Mr Shaft arrives. Chloe fills her mouth with 12 inches of cock while Sabrina sucks between her legs. To show she's every bit as good with prick as pussy Sabrina takes the cock in her mouth for a good licking. Sabrina's pussy is now wet and ready and it squelches as the man meat is eased in. The pair bonk away until Mr Shaft is about to cum, Sabrina wanking him over her tongue to finish.

Hardcore Honeyz has some very good girls in what could have been a very good film, but unfortunately they have been let down by shoddy technical work and abysmal editing.

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