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Released: 2003
Notes: Double D
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Running time: 122 mins.

Shot in Britain and using British studs, only Hannah Callow of the seven voluptuous girls in the film hails from these shores.

The last scene sees a young looking Tony de Sergio in the editing suite when Hannah Callow enters for an audition. He takes Hannah to an empty studio where she slips her large boobs out of her tight blue dress and Tony's tongue investigates the fleshy mounds. Crouching, Hannah unzips Tony's pants and she gives him a slow blow job, her tits brushing his thighs as she sucks. Tony rubs the head of his dick over Hannah's nipples then bends to lick her hairy muff through her pink knickers. Pushing his prick into Hannah's pussy the pair fuck till Tony cums over her bum.

The production quality of Hardscore is deplorable, the camera work is poor and the lighting is either bright and harsh, creating huge dark shadows, or dull and dingy making the girls look jaundiced. As for the sound - bangs and muffled mumblings. In a two hour film there is normally something good to say, with Hardscore it is The End.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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