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Released: 2004
Director: Brittney Foster
Notes: Fusxion
Alternate Titles
  • Brittney Foster's Home Schooled
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

Brittney Foster has turned her home into a school for girls. Among the pupils are four from Britain - Elizabeth, Iyesha, Scarlet and Vicky - who are all keen to learn the art of lesbian love.

Miss Foster is showing new girl Mikayla round the house in the third scene when she encounters Scarlet inspecting Estelle's pussy in the bedroom so she stops to offer advice. Removing Estelle's pink panties, Scarlet uses her fingers then her tongue, exploring the smooth-shaven pussy. Mikayla is asked if she wants to join in and shows she is a quick learner, taking over from Scarlet's sucking duties. Miss Foster produces a large beaded toy, which Scarlet pushes in her mouth. Gagging, she finds it too big to swallow; so she eases it into Estelle's arse. New girl Mikayla is next to try Scarlet's tongue, she laps between her legs as Miss Foster and Estelle prepare a green vibrator for her arse. Attention moves to Scarlet who bends to have her bum spanked. With cheeks glowing the girls use four fingers to stretch her pussy ready for the large pink plug Miss Foster has. Her pussy primed with plastic Mikayla and Estelle start to pull at Scarlet's arse, each using two fingers. She groans with pleasure as the pink plastic is eased into her bum. Removing the toy, Scarlet fills her mouth to taste the juices. Miss Foster is pleased with her progress.

With her hands full of toys, Miss Foster catches Iyesha and Vicky playing chess on the patio instead of doing their homework - how to please pussy. Vicky removes Iyesha's blue striped skirt and knickers to show Miss Foster how she licks clit. Not bad, but her finger work could be better. Pulling Iyesha's pussy apart, Vicky is told to use more fingers. Three seems to work well and the juices are soon flowing. Now some anal exercise - and a pink beaded dildo is pushed up Iyesha's bum. The pair lick the toy clean together. It's Iyesha's turn to practice. She removes Vicky's denim skirt and progresses to probe and suck on her fanny. With it nice and wet, Iyesha uses a curved red toy on Vicky's pussy then takes it deep into her mouth. Miss Foster then tells Vicky to fuck her own arse with the toy. She helps to work it deep up her bum. Satisfied with what she has seen, she allows the girls to taste the juices on the dildo.

Elizabeth and Jayna Ozo are playing on the piano instead of playing with each other. Miss Foster is not very happy. The pair are taken to the sofa where Elizabeth kneels to feed on Jayna's fanny. Removing her rings Elizabeth sees how many fingers she can use to fuck Jayna. The answer is 4. Miss Foster gets Elizabeth to rub Jayna's clit as well till she orgasms. Moving to the floor Jayna rolls back on her shoulders pulling her knees to her head to get her bum filled. Elizabeth has a go next. Removing her fluorescent knickers she goes down on all fours to have her pussy stuffed with a double ended dildo. With Jayna holding the toy still Elizabeth rocks back and forth, jabbing the big blue rod into her hole. Showing she too can stand on her shoulders Miss Foster has a surprise in store, a double shafted vibrator. One goes in her pussy whilst the other fills her arse. Jayna is then allowed to use the blue toy again, pushing it deep in Elizabeth's pussy and getting it to pop as she pulls it out. As she screams with pleasure the dildo is forced into Elizabeth's bum and given a good working. When finished the girls tickle their tonsils with the tip of the toy.

With 12 girls in five decent scenes this film is packed full of girl/girl action and the Brits show they can give as good as they get. If you want to see Vicky, Scarlet, Iyesha and Elizabeth in a hot well shot film, Home Schooled is for you.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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