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Released: 2002
Director: Nick Orleans
Notes: Adam & Eve
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Running time: 120 mins.

Set amongst the villas of the Hollywood Hills, director Nick Orleans and his well hung mates want to find out what type of girls can afford to live in these mansions. Behind the doors he finds Jenna Haze, Madison Sky, Carla Cox, Adrianna Sky, Jasmine Klein and the Brit Rebecca Lee (as Flick). A bunch of sex starved girls just waiting for dick.

When Nick and stud Ian Daniels call at Flick's house the place looks empty. The girls are in the bathroom with their hands up each other's black cocktail dresses. Fingers wet with pussy juice, the pair are interrupted when Ian knocks on the door. With the prospect of some prick, the pair drop to their knees and lick along Ian's length. The girls' darting tongues meet at the swollen head. Sucking and lapping, the two take turns swallowing cheb. Legs open, they feel Ian's hot breath on their muffs. Grabbing Ian's dick, Flick eases it into her love hole as she plays with Jasmine's pussy. Swapping positions, Jasmine is filled while on all fours. Banging away, Ian enters Jasmine's bum then squirts his load over her back.

With a group of girls at the top of their profession, High Class Ass has all the ingredients necessary for a great film. Unfortunately, each of the scenes is spoilt by Nick Orleans' behind the camera chatter at the start of each session. However, fast forward over the intros and you have yourself a very nice film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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