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Released: early 1990s
Notes: Scandinavian Video Productions
Notes and Reviews

This is included in an American compilation release - Swedish Double Feature - Jeanette Starion 1 + The Horny Female - of two Swedish one-scene films.

This is one very long gang bang scene with a bit of looping and some very suspicious cumshots.

Nikki Kennedy in black leather mini-skirt and black leather jacket walks along a Swedish street and goes into a sex shop. She asks the assistant for the largest dildo in the store, but it isn't big enough; so she asks him for four men to satisfy her. He tells her to come back in an hour. We then see her walking into what seems to be an empty cellar bar and standing at the juke box with no knickers on and then lying on a table with knickers on. These seem to be dream sequences. She appears in various stages of undress as she fondles herself and then four naked men walk in and surround her. The gang bang then follows, filmed rather statically and with no anal. There are many changes of position and partner and many cumshots, some too copious to be real, given the number from the same performer. Many of these - at least five - are facials. We then see her waking up alone - has it been a dream?

There have been many better gang bang scenes, but the fact that this one involves Nikki Kennedy makes it special.

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