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Released: 1970s
Director: John Fortune
Notes: loop, Mistral Films, 11 mins. Hard version exists with different cast. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition Three, Best Of Blue Movies 8.
Notes and Reviews

70s short, Mistral Films, performed hard but shot soft, in Connoisseur Collection 3

A door-to-door sex toy salesman encounters three very willing brunettes. The first is NK0608 and they have sex on the living room floor. When he leaves she puts on a dressing gown and rushes round to her next-door neighbour, a brunette (NK0158) in a headband, but otherwise virtually nude, who is meditating cross-legged on the floor. They have a lesbian session. Meanwhile the salesman has moved on to another potential client, Rosemary [2]. They have sex in her bedroom. Then the salesman reaches the house of the brunette in the headband. He is pounced on by the two girls. He manages to satisfy them, but on leaving, exhausted, he gives his case of sex toys to a passer-by who immediately rushes up the steps and rings the doorbell.

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