< Hannah Harper aka Filthy Whore

Released: 2002
Director: Kid Tea
Notes: Xtrodinary Pictures, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy Whore Hannah Harper
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 67 mins.

This very short compilation has five scenes which appear to be taken from two of Hannah Harper's films directed by Kid Tea.

Sitting quietly at home, Hannah's night is disturbed when the SWAT team smash into her house. She is ordered to strip out of her black dress and notices a bulge developing in Steve Holmes's trousers. Hannah unzips them to investigate. Her blonde hair flops over her face as she gives Steve a blow job. He returns the compliment, tonguing her clit as he fingers her arse. After being fucked missionary, Hannah slips Steve's cock up her arse, rotating her hips as she rides him reverse cowgirl. Hannah ends with a mouth full of cum, it drips off her tongue onto her tits.

Next, in a yellow sun dress, Hannah finds herself alone with a guy. The dress is soon off her shoulders and she is shoving his dick deep down her throat. Lying back and puling on her nipples, Hannah has her pussy licked and humped. Bending forward Hannah is taken from behind, pussy first, then up the arse. The guy cries he's cumming and fires his load into Hannah's open bum.

Dressed as a nurse, Hannah shares a patient with Dr Flick Shagwell. Hannah sucks at his cock while Flick buries her face in Hannah's fanny. The girls run their mouths along the guy's shaft, kissing when they reach the head. With Flick sitting on the guy's face being tongue fucked, Hannah bounces up and down on his cock. Flick finds a dildo to use on Hannah as she is being hammered doggy. Hannah is then DP'd, the guy up her arse and Flick with a strap-on in her pussy. The girls kiss as they receive a facial.

In a sexy black dress, Hannah kneels to give a blow job to a guy who is tied to a chair. His hands loose, he forces her head further and further down on his cock. The couple move, Hannah having her arse and cunt fingered as her clit is licked. With Hannah standing on one leg, the guy slips his manhood between her legs. The pair fall onto the sofa for the shagging to continue, Hannah opening her legs to be taken missionary, then lifting her legs onto the guy's shoulders. A little doggy and the guy squirts his spunk.

In the final scene Hannah is a marionette dressed in a white wedding dress. When the puppet master goes off for lunch she cuts her strings then frees Lee Stone. The two strip, Hannah falling forward to taste Lee's wood. He responds by finger fucking her arse and pussy. Lee moves, slowly and rhythmically shafting Hannah's pussy, her boobs jolting with each stroke. Climbing on Lee's cock, Hannah bobs up and down till she reaches a screaming orgasm. Lee lets loose his load over Hannah's tits.

Whilst the performances are quite good and well shot, the scenes are taken out of context meaning the snatches of dialogue make no sense. The compilation has also been badly edited with snippets of the other scenes from the original films being left in. Poor and very short.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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