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Includes Home Made Porno 1 and Home Made Porno 2 plus trailers of other Sheptonhurst R18 releases.

Home Made Porno 1

This has three scenes. The last two are strictly amateur in all senses. Scene 1 is amateur in camera work but has Anne Marie Dixon in black leather miniskirt getting spanked and fucked by her boyfriend in an office setting. The picture quality is dire and the camera work is worse.

Home Made Porno 2

Here the picture quality is a lot better and the camerawork is a little better, but someone should tell the person wielding the camera that the purpose of porn is to show penetration and that he is allowed to move around in order to do this.

  • Jo Hobbs and Samantha Kaye sneak into Anne Marie Dixon's bedroom. They accuse her of just having had sex and Jo tells Samantha to examine Anne Marie's pussy - 'Do the taste check, the Pepsi challenge' she orders. A three-way lesbian scene follows with fingers, dildos and strap on.
  • Anne Marie Dixon visits Samantha Kaye in her hotel room and a lesbian scene follows using a strap on. Anne Marie leaves and passes a bloke in the corridor on the way to Samantha's room.
  • Following on from 2, Samantha's bloke finds Anne Marie's panties and this leads to a b/g scene. We don't see a cumshot - either he couldn't produce one or the cameraman missed it. Could be either.
  • Anne Marie Dixon seems to have a bloke doing some work for her in her house (it's her boyfriend). She seduces him by sitting opposite him with no panties on under her short skirt. A b/g scene follows ending in an invisible cumshot - he seemed to take forever to produce one and eventually I think they just pretended he had.

It's good to see Anne Marie Dixon and Samantha Kaye in b/g action, but this is poor stuff. About the best thing about it is Jo Hobbs's dialogue.

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